Friday, November 26, 2021

Yes, Fidel Still Rules Cuba

    It was on August 13th-1926 in Biran, Cuba that Fidel Castro was born. It was on January 1st- 1959 that Fidel Castro led the Cuban Revolution to a rather astounding victory over the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in Cuba. And it was on March 25th-2016 in Havana that Fidel Castro died at age 90.
     But on November 26th, 2021, the fact is that Fidel Castro not only still "SPEAKS" for Cuba but Fidel Castro still RULES Cuba. Of course, the Cubans who control Miami and are in total control of Washington's Cuban policies totally deny that truth...and that is perhaps why they are unable to regain control of Cuba despite having the overwhelming and unchecked wherewithal to do so over the last 6+ decades. the U. S., Mafia, and Batista back in the 2021 the Cubans in Miami and in Washington today simply can't seem to out-smart Fidel Castro -- not even five years after Fidel Castro's death.
    Back on Sunday -- November 25th-2021 -- the United States celebrated its Thanksgiving Holiday while the very same day Cuba mourned the 5th anniversary of Fidel Castro death.
     On November 25th-2021 -- exactly five years after Fidel Castro's death at age 90 -- Cubans all over the island, everyday Cubans as well as government officials -- paid elaborate homage to "their eternal Commander."
   On November 25th-2021 the new hand-crafted "USA HANDS OFF CUBA NOW" signs were ubiquitous and they were in honor of Cuba's eternal Commander.
    On November 25th-2021 on the 5th anniversary of Fidel Castro's death at age 90 in 2016, all the top leaders in Cuba journeyed to the southeastern tip of the island to Santiago de Cuba to pay homage at the tomb of the rebel leader. That included Fidel Castro's beloved widow Dalia Soto del Valle.
At the tomb, Dalia Soto del Valle.
     From 1980 until he died in 2016, Dalia Soto del Valle was Fidel Castro's devoted wife. She gave birth to his last five children, all sons: Alex, Antonio, Alejandro, Alexis, and Angel.
     From 1980 till his death in 2016, all intimates knew that Dalia Soto del Valle kept very keen eyes on Fidel Castro and on everyone who visited them in their Havana home. Dalia was born in the south-central coastal city of Trinidad where she was well-educated and became a teacher. That is how she became close friends with Cuba's incomparable revolutionary heroine Celia Sanchez. Celia recruited Dalia during the island's Literary Campaign that educated Cuban children and adults who had been direly uneducated until the Revolution overthrew the Batista regime. It was at a Literary event in Cienfuegos that Celia introduced Dalia to Fidel. From 1957, when he joined Celia's vital guerrilla war in the Maestra Mountains and its foothills, until she died of cancer on January 11th in 1980, Fidel's constant companion was Celia but a few days after Celia died, to fulfill Celia's wishes, Dalia married Fidel...and the marriage was an extremely loving one until Fidel died on November 25th, 2016.
    One of the prime lies about the Cuban Revolution that Americans have been systematically told since the 1950s is this true fact: Women have always been prime fighters, recruiters, and decision-makers during and after the Revolutionary War, such as Celia Sanchez, Vilma Espin, Haydee Santamaria, etc., etc. 
      Cubans on the island are well aware that Celia Sanchez was not only the Flower of the Revolution but also, with Fidel Castro's total blessing, the prime decision-maker...and whether or not he agreed with those decisions, Fidel supported them.
    Whatever decision that Celia Sanchez was writing down on the morning shown above in Revolutionary Cuba, she well knew that Fidel Castro would support it when he got out of his rocking chair and studied it...meaning that things such as the Committees to Defend the Revolution, the Federation of Cuban Women, a Guarantee of Free Education Through College and Free Healthcare Birth to Death for all Cubans, etc., etc. would become law in Revolutionary Cuba. For the past 6+ decades, since 1959, Miami and Washington have spent day-after-day trying to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba...and all the while Americans have been told lies about things as important as...Celia Sanchez.
      And, therefore, Americans are told that the Celia Sanchez quotation depicted above was/is a lie, although it was/is uncannily true: "We rebels...get far too much credit for winning the revolution. Our enemies deserve most of the credit, for being greedy cowards and idiots."
     In these closing days of November-2021, one of the greatest Celia Sanchez disciples is Johana Tablada. For years, Johana has been one of  the most important Cubans and is especially ultra-vital regarding Cuba's relations with the United States. In the photo above, Johana Tablada was being interviewed a few days ago by a journalist named Liz Oliva. In the U. S., the media is only interested in the extreme anti-Cuban views of dissidents or Miami Cubans but surely not the views of everyday Cubans who support the revolution and certainly not those of  ultra-powerful and well-respected Cubans like Johana TabladaAnd, for the record, in the interview shown above, Johana Tablada, the fierce Celia Sanchez disciple, gave some prime hints as to why Miami and Washington keep having, decade-to-decade, such unsuccessful efforts in trying to recapture the pugnacious Caribbean island that is close-by, just south of Miami.

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