Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Cuba: "We Will Defend Cuba on Nov. 15th"


    The photo above and the photo below were taken today -- Nov. 10-2021 -- by Adolberto Roque for the Paris-based AFP News Agency. It shows 39-year-old dissident Yunior Garcia speaking on his phone from his apartment balcony in Havana.

        On Nov. 15-2021 the U. S. media is giddy in reporting that -- in five days on Nov. 20th -2021 -- Yunior Garcia will lead Protests in Cuba that will finally end as the COUP that ends the Cuban Revolution's rule of the Caribbean's largest island.
    In the United States the media reports on what Yunior Gomez and his supporters say but never what Cuba or everyday Cubans say about the impending Nov. 15th-2021 coup that supposedly finally has the wherewithal to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. But everyday Cubans on Social Media and Cuban officials like Bruno Rodriguez {above} have repeatedly stated that they will defend the Revolution on Nov. 15th-2021 "just as we have done so many times since 1959."
    For many years Bruno Rodriguez has spoken for Cuba in Washington, at the UN in New York, and elsewhere. Even with many unbiased U. S. journalists, Bruno is well respected.
    Today -- on Nov. 10th-2021 as shown above -- Bruno Rodriguez spoke live on Cuban television and radio about Cuba's position regarding the Nov. 15th-2021 Protests that Cuba believes is meant to be the Coup that will try to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. As the synopsis above reveals, Bruno Rodriguez told the Cuban people that the upcoming Coup attempt on Nov. 15th-2021 is being funded by money from the U. S. and that the Coup by the "Yankees and puppets" will fail...again. Regardless of what the U. S. reports, unbiased and renowned journalists who actually work on the island believe that most Cubans on the island believe what Bruno Rodriguez said.
    As a highly respected journalist & author who has reported for two decades in Cuba for the London-based RETUERS news agency, Marc Frank today, as usual, penned the best international news article regarding what is about to occur in Cuba on Nov. 15th-2021. Whether it is positive or negative news about Cuba, Marc Frank it is known to be truthful. His article today -- Nov. 10th-2021 -- reported on what dissident leader Yunior Garcia told Reuters that he and his friends like Fernando are not "seeking to violently overthrow the government" and he also told Reuters: "He said he has never taken U. S. funds."
   Also today -- Nov. 10-2021 -- the great & honest journalist Marc Frank/Reuters told the world that the upcoming protests/coup against Cuba on Nov. 15th-2021 is "being led by a Facebook group called Archipielago" that "has 31,501 members, the majority of which are between 25 and 44 years old."
     I believe that the point to be made on Nov. 10th-2021 is that Americans need to include great journalists such as Marc Frank as their sources for what is about to happen in Cuba on Nov. 15th-2021, not just what Counter Revolutionary U. S. journalists tell them.
    Today -- on Nov. 10-2021 -- above are the Cuban statistics on COVID-1 showing 413 new cases and 4 new deaths in the past 24 hours. Just a few weeks ago a surge in the pandemic was creating many thousands of new cases each day and up to 100 deaths every 24 hours. The drastic reductions each day this week has reported between 1 to 5 deaths per day and less than 500 new cases per day for the entire island. Cubans are happy with the home-grown vaccines that are now greatly reducing the impact of the pandemic.
      In 1492 the island of Cuba was discovered by the Spanish explorer Columbus and he famously wrote in his diary that it was "the most beautiful land these eyes have ever seen." From 1492...thanks to that quotation and to its extremely strategic location on the worldwide globe as shown above, every imperial power -- especially Spain and the United States -- have fought tenaciously to dominate Cuba, which Spain dominated for a century prior to 1898 when the United States easily won the Spanish-America War to make the U. S the dominant force in the nearby largest island and most beautiful island in the Caribbean. Many believed that the U. S., beginning in 1898, would have made Cuba the most prosperous and most democratic nation in the Caribbean. But that didn't happen, and the biggest mistake the U. S. made in Cuba came in 1952 when the U. S. teamed with the Mafia to rob & brutalize Cuba...right up until January 1st of 1959 when the Cuban Revolution shocked the world by overthrowing the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. And since January 1st of 1959, Revolutionary Cuba has shocked the world by, against all odds, maintaining its domination of Cuba. Meanwhile............ -- on November 10-2021 -- the photo above showing dissident Yunior Garcia in Havana is flashing around the world to remind everyone that in five days -- on November 15th-2021 -- that "Protests" will begin that will finally overthrow the Revolutionary government in Cuba. What are the odds? Some smart people say it is a 90% certainty "this time." But...tuh...I think such predictions or...uh...a little too high.


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