Revolutionary Cuba Today: Nov. 19-2021


     This photo was taken today -- Friday, Nov. 19, 2021 -- by Israel Tamarit Herran and it shows a view of the clear-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea from Havana. Today the largest and, arguably, the most beautiful island-nation in the Caribbean is still ruled by the Cuban Revolution, as has been the case since 3:00 A. M. on Jan. 1st-1959.

    But, of course, today -- Nov. 19-2021 -- the mainstream U. S. media, as shown above, continues to provide Americans with a one-sided and distorted view of how and why Revolutionary Cuba has, since 1959, survived supposedly insurmountable odds about being overthrown by Miami exiles and the ultra-powerful United States. The prime victims of such anti-Cuba propaganda by the mainstream U. S. media are, I believe, the everyday Americans who deserve fair and unbiased news regarding a topic...US-Cuba Relations...that impacts so many lives in both countries. As shown above, the Miami Herald since 1959 is the prime voice of the hotbed of Cuban exiles who bolted Revolutionary Cuba and who have led the anti-Counter Revolutionary clamor...greatly enriching & empowering Miami Cubans but also greatly assaulting Cuban families in Cuba. So thus the Miami Herald today continued its one-sided, distorted reports about the Cuban-Protests/COUP back on Monday -- Nov. 15-2021 -- that were supposed to finally overthrow Revolutionary Cuba. Monday's overthrow, as many prior would-be overthrows since 1959, fizzled out rather quickly. One reason the latest Protests/COUP failed, the reason that the mainstream refuses to report, is the fact that most Cubans on the island simply don't want COUPS they feel are engineered and funded {at least in part from a foreign nation} to succeed.

     But today -- Nov. 19-2021 -- the mainstream U. S. media only wants to continue promoting the  anti-Cuba Protests and its leader, Yunior Garcia...even as he quickly bolted this week to friendly havens in Madrid, Spain.
   The typical Counter Revolutionary article was depicted above in today's Miami Herald and was written by Fabiola Sanchez. She was born in Matanzas, Cuba, and she arrived in Miami in 1969 on one of the Freedom Flights. As such she had the wherewithal to quickly emerge as a key journalist in 1980 for the Miami Herald. And almost as quickly she became the top Editorialist of Miami's main newspaper. As shown above, her Nov. 19-2021 "OPINION" piece loudly, as usual, heralded Cuban dissidence and implied that Batista's Cuba prior to the Revolution was fantastic while Cuba since 1959 has been a hellhole, causing her and so many others to flee to rich and wonderful Miami. The main distortion about such endless propaganda is the sheer fact that the voices and OPINIONS of millions of everyday Cubans who choose to remain in Cuba and support the Revolution are never mentioned in the mainstream U. S. media, especially by the Miami Herald and its top OPIONIONS Editor Fabiola Sanchez.
     This photo was taken today in Havana at the Martin Luther King Memorial. These two Cubans were celebrating the defeat of Monday's Protests/COUP. As a Democracy-loving American in the United States, I believe that the mainstream U. S. media should have the INTEGRITY to tell Americans that these two women in Havana have OPINIONS too...even if they support the Revolution and have no plans to bolt to Miami or Madrid to become rich.
    This photo in Cuba today shows Cubans listening to their President Miguel Diaz-Canel, and indications are clear that most Cubans on the island support their leader, who happens to have been born after the triumph of the Revolution and first became well known all across Cuba as its Education Minister.
 For days prior to Monday's Protests/COUP, President Diaz-Canel went on the streets and on state-wide television to tell Cubans that the U. S. was behind such attempts to overthrow or stabilize their Revolution. And indications are most Cubans on the island support Diaz-Canel, not the dissidents.
    Cubans on the island are aware of the 1950s when, prior to the Revolution, the island was verily raped, brutalized, and robbed by, left to right, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Fulgencio Batista And all three of these LOVELY MEN verily loved the support they got from plane-and-ship loads of U. S. tourists and from the greedy U. S. businesses that partook wholeheartedly in the wholesale ransacking of Cuba...uh...prior to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. In other words, such truths about U.S.-&-Mafia-run Cuba in the 1950s still factor into the failures of Protests/COUPs determined since 1959 to overthrow the Cuban Revolution!!! And perhaps one day the mainstream U. S. media will return to REPORTING such truths.







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