Cuban Tourists Welcome


    The two Spanish Hotels & Resorts giants -- Melia and Iberostar -- both have dozens of gorgeous properties in Cuba. Above is the 5-star, 386-room Iberostar Hotel & Resort in Varadero, Cuba. The island is still coping mightily with the U.S. Embargo/Blockade but its own homegrown vaccines have sharply curtailed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as illustrated below today -- November 24th-2021 -- by the reliable and unbiased OnCuba News.
     The photo above is by Otmaro Rodriguez and the update is by OnCuba News, which has bureaus in both Havana and Miami.
    Hoping for a successful Tourism Season this winter is some of Cuba's growing number of new, young entrepreneurs such as Daylene Hernandez Alvarez. Her designs of clothing, under her Innatus brand, are now so popular that Daylene now has the wherewithal to hire models to advertise and show her clothes.
    From agriculture to clothes to renters/boarders, to ownership of taxis/cars, entrepreneurs in Cuba are trying to establish themselves under new regulations and guidelines that are encouraging their creativity and ambitions. OnCuba News, a news source that will actually criticize or praise Cuba, fairly reports such stories. Daylene is one of three young Cuban women who have recently created successful clothing enterprises.
     The famed Haydee Milanes, an international musical Superstar, is a Cuban celebrity very willing to model designs of clothing by young female entrepreneurs on the island.
    Cuba, directly south of Florida, is the largest and the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. Back in the 1950s both the Mafia and the United States brutally and massively exploited Cuba's unique beauty and its strategic location, spawning the Cuban Revolution that in 1959 tried to end that foreign domination. In November of 2021 severely targeted Revolutionary Cuba is still trying to survive the United States restraints, and otherwise, surely, Cuba would likely and quickly realize its potential as the Caribbean's most prosperous nation...and even more prosperous, probably, than the ultra-rich Little Havana neighborhood of nearby Miami.

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