Cuba on November 4th-2021


     This young Cuban scientist is Gladys Gutierrez Bugallo. She got her Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Havana and she has just received a UN/Unesco Women in Science Award. From a lab in Guadalupe, this Caribbean superstar was asked about the new UN honor, and she said: "In this pandemic and in future pandemics, humanity needs science and science needs everyone -- women, men, the rich, and the poor."
     This photo was taken today {November 4th-2021} in Havana at the William Soler Children's Hospital. It shows a young, well-trained, and dedicated Neonatologist named Maite Romero Padron doing her vital job today, which is saving the lives of babies, including newborns known to have health problems at birth. Maite is very skilled and everyday Cubans appreciate her work. Of course, the Counter Revolutionary media in the U. S. {as well as the mainstream U. S. media} apparently are not allowed to mention young Cubans like Gladys Gutierrez Bugallo and Maite Romero Padron but, of course, the U. S. media is agog on November 4th-2021 about reporting on the latest Cuban dissident on the island, Junior Garcia, who is supposedly about to lead the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba slated to start on November 15th-2021!!
     Allow me to repeat...I believe that on November 4th-2021 the U. S. media should maybe be fair-minded enough to mention great young Cubans like notable Scientist Gladys Gutierrez Bugallo and neonatologist Maite Romero Padron. Above, that is Maite holding a baby that she saved when it was known that, at birth, it had a serious health issue. The earlier photo of Maite showed her today doing exactly the same thing at Havana's William Soler Children's Hospital. The U. S. media, of course, will never tell us about Cubans like Maite nor how/why that important hospital got its name.
     The two historic and true photos above reveal what truly galvanized the vast everyday population in Cuba to seriously make the nascent Cuban Revolution in the early 1950s viable as a do-or-die Revolution capable of overthrowing the Batista dictatorship even though Batista was supported by both the Mafia and by United States. In the two photos above, in the white blouse was the mother of Little Willie Soler, whose murdered body along with three other children was left in a deserted warehouse to be discovered to warn their parents not to resist what was happening in Batista's Cuba. Such murders, including the murder of Little Willie Soler that was bravely and emphatically resisted by his mother, fueled the Cuban Revolution that shocked the world, including the MAFIA and the United States, on January 1-1959 by overthrowing Batista, who was considered unbeatable!!!!
      Today -- November 4th-2021 -- this is the image of FULGENCIO BATISTA that most Cubans on the island still remember...the Batista that "asinasinatos de nuestros HIJOS" -- meaning the Batista that was ordering the "murders of our CHILDREN."
    And today -- November 4th-2021 -- this is the William Soler Children's Hospital in Havana. As a Democracy-loving American, I believe that Americans have a right to be told why and how the William Soler Children's Hospital got its name. For sure, most Cubans on the island today know why and how it got its name!!!!!
       AND YES...today -- November 4th-2021 -- this photo was taken at Havana's William Soler Children's Hospital, which indeed was named for Little Willie Soler. This photo was posted on the world's giant Social Media outlets but the U. S. media appears to pretend that there is no decent Cuban like Maite nor is there a William Soler Children's Hospital in Havana!!!! Such knowledge, I guess, might tend to prevent tax-paying and voting Americans to reconsider genocidal policies against Cuban babies in Havana {like this one} to appease rich and politically powerful Cubans in Little Havana USA.
And welcome to Cuba!!!


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