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Trump's Latin American Coups

Trump's Gifts to Little Havana!!

        After being exiled to Mexico after being ousted as Bolivia's President by a vicious right-wing coup last month, Evo Morales has arrived in Cuba {above}. His close associates say Morales needs medical treatment from Cuban doctors that had treated him in Bolivia {before all Cubans were booted from Bolivia after the new U.S.-backed right-wing regime replaced Morales}. After 13 years as Bolivia's pro-Cuban president, Morales is still beloved by his country's poor indigenous Indians who are a majority of the population and who have repeatedly elected him as their leader, including back in October in an election that the United States {meaning Little Havana/Miami} said was fraudulent as did the Organization of American States, which typically bends to all of the USA's anti-Cuban policies. But even some unbiased countries such as Canada also opposed Morales for his refusing to not abide by Bolivia's term-limit provisions for presidents. Yet, most of Latin American observers -- including influential media sources such as the Miami-based Progreso Weekly, Americas Quarterly, etc. -- have cringed about the USA's role in the Bolivian "COUP" that revives memories of bloody U.S.-backed Latin American coups that even historically include the death of decent democratically elected President Salvador Allende in Chile in 1973 to install the murderous but U.S.-friendly dictator Augusto Pinochet for 17 extremely bloody years. Almost all of Latin America's leaders and experts believe that the Trump administration's involvement in the Bolivian coup last month is a Trump gift to a few of the anti-Cuban zealots in Miami and the U. S. Congress. Moreover, Latin American sources envision the Trump-aligned anti-Cuban right-wingers to particularly continue promoting right-wing regime-changes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Chile...while mostly, of course, striving for the overthrow of the Cuban Revolution.
      This map shows major "U.S.-BACKED COUP ATTEMPTS IN LATIN AMERICA between 1948-2019" and this, of course, does not include the recent successful U.S.-backed coup in Bolivia. It is well known that the Trump administration's main interest in backing ongoing coup attempts in pro-Cuban nations like Bolivia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua relate to Little Havana-Miami's fervent quest to finally  regain control of Cuba while Trump is the President of the United States. Cuba's massive influence in Latin America is based on its pugnacious success in fighting off U. S. dominance since 1959. The coup last month that ousted Evo Morales in Bolivia is especially being hailed in Little Havana. And now that Evo Morales has left his exile in Mexico to land in Cuba it is...FOR SURE...prompting Counter Revolutionary zealots like Marco Rubio, the Balarts, and Mauricio Claver-Carone to exacerbate their grip on Trump to eviscerate the Cuban Revolution ONCE AND FOR ALL.
    Meanwhile...while painting Cuba as a pariah to appease Little Havana, Trump hopes to win Florida's crucial 29 Electoral Votes needed for his 2020 re-election. Yet, all the while, Trump powerfully supports, empowers, coddles, and tolerates leaders in dangerous nations that, of course, never defeated a brutal U.S.-backed dictatorship and chased it  to its new sanctuary on U. S. soil.
   Meanwhile, as the great Editorialist Dave Granlund suggests, Trump deals and twiddles with powerful threats like Russia, which has a nuclear arsenal equal to the U. S.
    And also...when the citizens of America sit on their pusillanimous asses and allow Trump to promote genocide against totally innocent Cubans on the island to appease a few viciously vindictive Cubans in Miami who are paranoid about recapturing Cuba AS PER the 1950's U.S.-backed Batista/Mafia dictatorship, perhaps the two-party United States democracy in the closing days of 2019 is even in more overall trouble than Revolutionary Cuba's one-party system. Surely, non-elite Americans, like me, reluctantly now believe that both of the USA's political parties are money-crazed and corrupt. And that corruption has been best exposed not by Ukraine but by little Cuba with yet another Republican president totally aligned with a few rich and powerful extremist Cubans residing in the Little Havana section of Miami and in Congress and, of course, in all Republican White Houses. Complicating and exacerbating that non-democratic situation is the fact that the Democratic Party, which has been totally obsessed with impeaching Trump for the past three years, is simply too afraid of Little Havana extremists that its leaders will not accuse Trump of genocide against Cubans on the island  even as the ubiquitous Democratic impeachment obsessions spend massive Congressional dollars and time on searching for far lesser Trumpian crimes. But, of course, the USA's Mafia-aligned crimes regarding Cuba long predated the presidency of Trump as the historic images below document.
      This photo in 1956 shows that the United States continued to send plane-loads and ship-loads of U. S. trained-and-funded soldiers back to Cuba to protect the brutal Batista-Mafia dictatorship because it allowed rich U. S. businessmen to also partake in the wholesale robbery of the island. But, as shown before, the extreme brutality of the Batista forces provided massive motivation for the everyday population to risk their lives to support the underdog anti-Batista rebels, and that support proved decisive. While many historians and even venues like the famed "Godfather" movies admitted such facts, to this day the still Batistiano-aligned U. S. government refuses to do the same.
      Batista closed the University of Havana and his thugs gruesomely murdered student leaders like Jose Echevarria as Batista gunmen hunted them down in the streets or where they lived. The dead bodies, like Jose's above, were left in the streets as warnings to others not to oppose the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship. Famously, teachers such as 23-year-old Frank Pais and Frank's 17-year-old brother Jesus Pais received the same fate as Jose Echevarria. Today neither the U. S. government nor the U. S. media will tell Americans about Batista victims such as Jose Echevarria and Frank Pais because to do so would mitigate against today's continuing U. S. policies designed to regain control of Cuba. But Americans, of course, today can Goggle the names underlined above to ascertain what Batista's U.S.-backed Cuba was all about in the 1950s.
     Or Google the name of Clodomira Acosta who was captured, unmercifully tortured, and then murdered by Batista goons because she supported students such as Jose Echevarria.
       Or Google the name of Lidia Doce who was captured by Batista goons, unmercifully tortured, and murdered because she supported university leaders like Jose Echevarria.
      The names of Lidia Doce and Clodomira Acosta can be goggled today because they are still remembered among the countless victims of Batista's Cuba in the 1950s.
A drawing of Lidia and Clodimira.
       Today you also can Google the name of Esteban Ventura. He is famed as one of Batista's most notorious assassins.
      Today you can also Google the name of Luis Posada Carriles. Within days of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January of 1959, the U. S. government put young men like Posada on salaries and sent to the then-secretive Army of the Americas at Fort Benning to train them to recapture Cuba. After graduating as a Lieutenant {left above} to attack Cuba but, famously, Posada also openly admitted being decades of being a anti-Cuban terrorist tied allegedly to such things as a deadly hotel bombing in a Havana hotel, the bombing of a civilian Cuban airplane that killed all 73 on board {"Cubana Flight 455"}, etc. Of course, Posada at age 90 died of old age on U. S. soil still hailed a hero in Little Havana and massively protected by Miami members of the U. S. Congress and the other Cubans who held most of the top political positions in Miami.
      Meanwhile, from the 1950s until THIS VERY DAY the FEU, the FEDERATION OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS in Cuba, has remained a volatile and upfront source of massive support for the Cuban Revolution, just as martyred student leaders such as Jose Echevarria were back in the 1950s.
     And meanwhile...since 1959 Americans have been propagandized to believe that Mother Teresa-types, not top Mafia kingpins like Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Santo Trafficante Jr., and Fulgencio Batista, "ran" pre-Castro Cuba.


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