Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Marco Rubio's Christmas Wish

{It went unfulfilled}
     On December 25th, 2019 -- Christmas day -- the best article about U.S.-Cuba relations was, appropriately, written by John McAuliff. For decades John has been one of the most decent  and most authoritative Americans working tirelessly to improve U.S.-Cuba relations for the benefit of most Americans and most Cuban-Americans. His article today, which you can dial up online, is entitled: "DONALD TRUMP IS NOT YET SHOWING CUBA WHO'S BOSS." That's an interesting update by an expert because President Trump already has been the first U. S. President to activate Title 3 of the infamous Batistiano-written Helms-Burton Act and the Title 3 activation of that anti-democratic abomination has already unleashed "LEGAL" genocide on everyday Cubans on the island at the direction of a few powerful Cubans in the Little Havana section of Miami. Today's Christmas day article by John McAuliff is an excellent updated explanation of why President Trump should be impeached, but...of course...genocide against innocent Cubans is not the reason the U. S. House of Representatives impeached Trump last week, a process that will now be squashed easily by the Republican-led U. S. Senate.
     The photo above shows John McAuliff in 2012 on one of his many humanitarian trips to Cuba, so John knows Cuba's current President Miguel Diaz-Canel from the days when Diaz-Canel was the island's popular Minister of Education before he became First President and President. Thus, John NcAuliff -- a brilliant author, writer, and lecturer -- knows all aspects of the U.S.-Cuban equation from both sides of the Florida Straits that separate the two neighboring nation by just 90 miles. And thus John, on Christmas day in 2019, knows what Miguel Diaz-Canel knows, which is this: A lightweight, self-serving politician from Little Havana in Miami -- Cuban-American Marco Rubio -- is orchestrating the current Trump-authorized Cuban genocide.
      The most egregious thing Trump has done in his first three years as President is not what he has done involving Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, etc. The above Trump handshake with Rubio constitutes Trump's most egregious and most impeachable act as President. Trump believes that the rich and powerful Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana will deliver Trump Florida's 29 absolutely crucial Electoral Votes that he will need for his 2020 re-election. Therefore, in the quintessential Sell-Out disgrace, Trump made Rubio America's Cuban dictator...and, to fulfill Little Havana's insatiable desire that has festered since 1959 to re-capture Cuba, Rubio's ongoing strategy includes unleashing genocide on everyday Cubans on the island. The stratagem has created blockouts and food shortages but, to date, has merely strengthened the resolve of Cubans on the island to continuing do what they have incredibly done since January of 1959, which is a do-or-die struggle to keep the U.S.-backed remnants of the long-ago Batista-Mafia dictatorship to regain control of Cuba.
    Of course, in his role as America's Batista-like Cuban dictator on U. S. soil, Rubio is indebted to Trump but Rubio is closely watched over by far more powerful leaders in Little Havana such as, like shown above, by second-generation members of the Diaz-Balart family whose father Rafael was a top member of the Batista dictatorship in Cuba before, starting in January of 1959, creating the first-ever anti-Castro paramilitary unit in the Miami area.
     It is ironic that President Trump empowered Rubio as America's Cuban dictator because the two men actually hate each other. During the 2016 presidential primary, for example, Rubio called Trump "a con man" and, among other things, Trump ridiculed Rubio as "Little Marco." But as President, Trump put Rubio in charge of Little Havana's genocide against Cubans on the island, which Little Marco believes will result in the re-capture of Cuba.
      And so, on Christmas day in 2019 Donald Trump remains President of the United States and he should be impeached for authorizing Marco Rubio to unleash genocide against everyday Cubans on the island, not for a nebulous statement in a phone Trump call to the new President of Ukraine. Of course, the juxtaposition between documented Cuban truth and  concocted Ukrainian propaganda reflects the fact that entities INCLUDING EVEN the mainstream left-wing U. S. media are deathly afraid of reporting on Little Havana's vice-like grip around Trump's neck, which is even more prominent than the choke-hold Little Havana had on other Republican Presidents since the 1950s.
     This EFE photo showed an angered Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel lashing back at Marco Rubio who lashes at Diaz-Canel via Tweets. It appears that Little Havana's Trump-authorized strategy to regain control of Cuba includes regime-changes in nations allied to Cuba -- especially, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia {which, in fact, recently experienced a coup-transitioned change from a pro-Cuban government to a pro-Little Havana-American government}. Back in January-2019 when he believed Venezuela's pro-Cuban leader was about to be overthrown, an euphoric Marco Rubio couldn't resist blasting a three-word Tweet to Diaz-Canel that said, "See You Soon." Well, Diaz-Canel also has a Tweeter account and he has taken to firing jibes back at Marco Rubio. All experts about today's U.S.-Cuban relations...including Diaz-Canel, the aforementioned John McAuliff, etc...are well aware that "Little Marco" Rubio is dictating America's genocidal, regime-change policies in the Age of Trump.
      It is known that Rubio has recycled the most-famed Counter Revolutionary extremists from the Bush dynasty, such as Otto Reich who helped President George W. Bush's regime-change coup in Venezuela in 2002 although the Venezuelan people within hours had taken to the streets and restored Cuban ally Hugo Chavez back to power. But Rubio's recycling of Bush dynasty Cuban-born anti-Cuban zealots like Otto Reich reminds Latin American nations that ANYTHING related to America's dreaded Batistiano history or to its topicality is tolerated in the USA regardless of what the rest of the world thinks about it.
      And, of course, vicious unchecked Counter Revolutionaries who have spent their entire adult lives trying desperately to DESTROY Revolutionary Cuba have been routinely anointed by Rubio in the Age of Trump to ultra-powerful positions that give them the wherewithal to do THAT. For example, Mauricio Claver-Carone, INCREDIBLY!!!!, is now making vicious anti-Cuban decisions from his perch as AMERICA'S WESTERN HEMISPHERE leader. For decades anti-Cuban zealots have craved such a position, and now Maurico Claver-Carone HAS IT and he is using it EVERYDAY to hurt Cuba, which means hurting everyday Cubans on the island of Cuba AS WELL AS also hurting most Cuban-Americans in the Miami area who desire good Obama-like relations with Cuba.
      So, on Christmas Day in 2019 this photo reveals the true reason that President Trump deserves to be impeached. Ukraine? That is the reason the powerful left-wing U. S. media  and radical Democrats have concocted to impeach Trump. But Trump's desire for Florida's 29 crucial 29 Electoral Votes heading into his 2020 re-election caused him to authorize Little Havana anti-Cuban Counter Revolutionaries such as Rubio and the Diaz-Balarts to unleash genocide against totally innocent Cubans on the island -- and that IS THE REAL REASON TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED.
           The mainstream U. S. media that is trying so hard to eliminate Trump is simply too afraid to even tell the American people how genocidal Title 3 of Helms-Burton is to the innocent masses in Cuba. That same mainstream U. S. media is also too afraid of Little Havana to tell Americans about the real reason Trump should be impeached, which is genocide against Cuba. Those two facts also explain how much Little Havana since 1959 has reshaped what, beyond question, was once the world's most respected government.

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