Thursday, March 4, 2021

Biden Urged to End "Cruel" Cuba Policy

 But Powerful People Profit From It!!

{So...Biden Can't Do Much About It!!}

      The Reuters News Agency is the best News Agency in the world and Sarah Marsh is one of four world-class journalists that Reuters has in its bureau in Havana. Reuters is based in London, which means that Sarah Marsh, unlike U.S.-based journalists, has the freedom and courage to write truthful, unbiased articles about Cuba. This was the last headline and opening words about Sarah Marsh's last Reuters article about Cuba this week:
       Note, if you will, that the headline starts by explaining that it is: "Exclusive: U. S. House Democrats urge Biden to revert to Obama-era Cuba detente." Yes, it is exclusive because, apparently, Sarah Marsh is aware that such news from Washington that might be considered a positive related to Cuba is something that the mainstream U. S. media simply normally does not have the integrity nor courage to report. But then, on behalf of Reuters, Sarah Marsh starts her article with these truthful and newsworthy words: Eighty U. S. House of Representatives Democrats urged President Joe Biden on Tuesday to repeal Donald Trump's 'cruel' sanctions on Cuba and renew engagement, an early sign of support in Congress for easing the clamp-down..."
     Another unbiased and newsworthy article from Reuters from Havana, written by Nelson Acosta and Sarah Marsh, was published on November 4th, it is still circulating around the world today. The headline as shown above is: "Cuba starts late Stage Trials of COVID-19 vaccine candidate in Havana." The first paragraph, as shown above, is a useful and truthful update of information that Americans, along with the rest of the world, might find interesting: "Cuba has begun late stage trials of its most advanced experimental COVID-19 vaccine, edging closer to a potential home-grown inoculation that could help the Caribbean island nation contain infections and ease its economic crisis."
    Cuba's most exciting of the five COVID-19 vaccines it is producing is Soberana 02, which is considered almost ready to be massively produced and has excited many countries, not just Cubans in Cuba.
    Writing from Havana for the great London-based REUTERS NEWS AGENCY, Sarah Marsh has the freedom to write the truth about Cuban issues...whether or not they are negative or positive news items about Cuba or something in between. Unfortunately, that is generally not allowed in the United States of America. And as a Democracy-loving American, I am ashamed that obvious fact doesn't shame more Americans.
     In other words, if and when there is BREAKING NEWS related to Cuba, the mainstream U. S. news media is the last place Americans can depend on for the honest truth. So please, rely on the London-based Reuters News Agency if, by chance, you are interested in Cuba or U.S.-Cuban relations.


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