Sunday, April 19, 2020

COVID-19 Weekend In Cuba

Romance Is Not Forgotten!!
     While Americans are supposed to get all of their Cuban narratives and Cuban policies dictated to them by Batistano-zealots in the Little Havana section of Miami, a superb journalist named Ruaridh Nicoll this weekend filed an interesting, and honest article, about Cubans on the island coping with things like the Coronavirus and the genocide being supposedly imposed on them by President Trump on behalf of the rich and powerful Little Havana leaders. Mr. Nicoll can report honestly about Cuba because he works for two great London-based print-and-digital giants -- The Observer/The Guardian. So, this weekend in Havana Mr. Nicoll observed and wrote about how Cubans on the island TO THIS DAY still are uniquely passionate about...romance!!
  The John Moore/AP photo above was used by Ruaridh Nicoll to illustrate his article entitled: "TAKE ME TO YOUR LADA: Cuba's Passion!" The little Lada cars from Russia are usually ubiquitous on the streets of Havana. It seems...Mr. Nicoll observed that the girl driving the red Lada rendezvoused with the boy who was driving the black Lada. The girl and boy, being hot Cubans, then frantically initiated their union with a passionate kiss. It didn't seem to Ruaridh Nicoll that they were obsessed with either COVID-19 or TRUMP at the moment. 
      So, thanks to the London-based The Observer for giving the world this honest glimpse of real life in Cuba even during the Coronavirus and amidst the genocide aimed at the island by the Trump administration in Washington.
    The article this weekend by Ruaridh Nicoll in the London-based The Observer/The Guardian resonated with me because, as a Democracy-loving American, I am supposed to accept and not complain that in the USA CUBA POLICY is only made by self-serving Little Havana zealots like Sen. Marco Rubio. In other words, Rubio explains to Trump, and to Americans via the media, that Title 3/Helms Burton GENOCIDE against Cubans on the island is necessary to save America...and Rubio claims that all Cubans on the island yearn to get rich in him. Of course, IF ANY OF THAT WAS OR IS TRUE, the Batistianos in Little Havana would have recaptured Cuba LONG BEFORE RUBIO WAS BORN IN MIAMI and even before Rubio was so self-servingly mentored by the first generation of Batistianos who fled to Miami.

        Uh...IT BEGS THIS QUESTON: If Rubio and his ilk can get away with imposing genocide against innocent Cubans on the island, and controlling America's narratives and policies regarding Cuba, how long will it be before Little Havana USA replaces Washington as America's capital?? {UH...JUST ASKING!!}

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