Tuesday, April 14, 2020

World Knows of US Cuban Genocide

Non-US Networks Appalled!!
     As of today -- April 14th, 2020 -- Cuba has 40 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus/COVID-19 for a total of 766 with, so far, 21 deaths. All such statistics are daily reported to the Cuban people in Spanish and, as above, in English.
     While neither the majority of the American people nor the mainstream U. S. media don't give a damn, the rest of the world is being told about and even cares about the Cuban people in Cuba having to battle the Coronavirus pandemic while also having to battle the genocidal export-import Blockade being cruelly imposed on the Cuban people by the nearby Superpower, the United States of America. France 24 is an ultra-powerful and influential international News Network based in Paris that broadcasts in many languages, including Spanish and English. Today in English France 24 is telling the world about the extreme cruelty of the U. S. Blockade against Cuba during the current pandemic. The video and print report is entitled: "CALLS TO LOOSEN US SANCTIONS AS CUBA BATTLES PANDEMIC." While Americans have been programmed not to care, it is apparent that the rest of the does care.
      The France 24 update today on the U. S. Blockade of Cuba even as the island nation battles the Coronavirus crisis was illustrated by the photo above taken yesterday -- April 13th, 2020 -- by Yamil Lage for the AFP News Agency and then distributed by other major outlets. It shows a masked Cuban woman bedecked in the U.S. flag while fighting both the U. S. blockade and the equally deadly COVID-19 virus. The photo conveys the fact that Cubans on the island don't hate Americans and...they don't deserve to be subjected to a genocidal Blockade by the nearby Superpower. This woman and all 11.5 Cubans on the island were hoping that worldwide news reports about the U. S. blocking other nations from sending medical and food supplies to Cuba during the pandemic would shame Americans to at least loosen the Blockade. But that, of course, hasn't happened.
      An unholy alliance between President Donald Trump and the self-serving Marco Rubio -- who represents a few fierce Cuban-American benefactors in Miami, Newark, and the U. S. Congress -- elevated the U. S. EMBARGO against Cuba, first imposed in 1962, into a genocidal BLOCKADE against masses of everyday Cubans on the island.
     For six decades the U. S. Embargo of Cuba has shamed America and Democracy in the eyes of the world. Yet, two cowardly generations of Americans have lacked the guts to do anything about it...even as the Caribbean's most pugnacious island nation has refused to capitulate, perhaps because Cubans in Cuba too vividly remember the brutal U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship that was chased to U.S. soil by the Cuban Revolution in January of 1959.
       When a lightweight politician from Little Havana in Miami can be allowed to act like a Batista-like dictator on U. S. soil and in the mainstream media, the United States may well be in more trouble in 2020 than Cuba.
     In 2019 Little Havana benefactors like Rubio persuaded President Trump to activate Title III of Helms-Burton, the provision that legalizes U. S. genocide against Cuba...along, of course, legalizing lawsuits designed to enrich Little Havana Cubans even more than they are obscenely rich already. Not even the George W. Bush presidency would activate Title III because of it clearly aims pinocchio-like genocide against the masses of innocent Cubans like those depicted above. BUT HEY!!!! As far as the majority of the American people and the mainstream U. S. media are concerned, genocide from the USA against masses of innocent people in one particular small country, Cuba, is fine.

     Of course, the media and the people in the rest of the world seriously frown on U. S. genocide against masses of Cubans on the island. Yet, as the U. S. is seeming to say in the graphic depicted above: "The USA has more nuclear weapons than the rest of the world combined, so if we want to commit genocide on Cuba, you can't stop up."
Wow!!!! What a dictator????
IF YOU LOVED Batista in Cuba,
You'll surely love Rubio in the USA.

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