Thursday, April 16, 2020

US Journalists Promote Cuban Genocide

Justifying 1950's Batista-Mafia Dictatorship!!
         One of the highest-profile U. S. journalists promoting genocide against everyday Cubans during the Coronavirus pandemic is Mac Margolis. He is the Caribbean and Latin American expert at Bloomberg News. Margolis thinks that the Trump administration's current genocide against masses of Cubans on the island should be increased to take advantage of the vulnerable island's battle against the COVID-19 crisis. Bloomberg News is a powerful U. S. media source owned by Mike Bloomberg, whose personal wealth exceeds $60 billion. Apparently echoing the sentiments of his boss, Mac Margolis writes: "By allowing Havana to exploit the virus, currency will just empower repression at home." As a promoter of the greatness of the Batista-Mafia repression back in the 1950's, Mac Margolis is one of the biggest liars in the U. S. media in 2020.
     Appalled by what she considers Mac Margolis's genocidal attack on Cuba's mothers and their children, journalist-author Belen Fernandez wrote what today -- April 16th, 2020 -- is probably the most indelible and most-read international article related to Cuba. In contrast to the cruel and gutless Mr. Margolis, Ms. Fernandez's article is entitled: "Cuba Under Media Attack For Sending Doctors, Not Bomb's, To Help COVID-19 Victims." In her article, Ms. Fernandez blocked off Mac Margolis's genocidal comment, which reminded her that rich U. S. businessmen partook in the U.S.-backed Batista-MAFIA's brutal rape and robbery of Cuba in the 1950's prior to the 1959 victory of the Cuban Revolution. Belen Fernandez, the author of "THE IMPERIAL MESSENGER," wrote in today's article: "As Coronavirus ravages the world, Cuba has exhibited disproportionate heroism..."
       While greedy imperialists like Mac Margolis cruelly lament that Cuba might attain a few pesos by sending hundreds of excess, well-trained doctors to help other devastated COVID-10 nations, Belen Fernandez used the photo above to report that small nations like Jamaica and Barbados as well as rich, large nations like Italy and Spain have begged for, and received, Cuban doctors like the ones above during this year's unique pandemic.
      The compassionate American journalist, Belen Fernandez, points out that Revolutionary Cuba, as it has done since 1959, provide free health care, free education through college, and free food if needed for all the Cuban children on the island today. Ms. Fernandez says that the most amazing thing about the Cuban Revolution was not that it defeated the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship in 1959. Ms. Fernandez says that the most AMAZING THING about the Cuban Revolution is the fact that it has survived the 6-decades-old ALL-OUT EFFORT of the U. S. and the Little Havana Mafia to recapture the island. While Mac Margolis at Bloomberg News in 2020 will tell Americans how well the children of the Mafiosi and the U. S. businessmen in Cuba in the 1950's were so wonderfully treated, Belen Fernandez reminds us today that the children of everyday Cubans in Batista's Cuba were not only just neglected but cruelly depicted by the following 4 photos.
       The four above photos from Batista's Cuba in the 1950s spawned the Cuban Revolution. "CESEN LOS ASESINATORS DE NUESTROS HIJOS. MADRES CUBANAS" translates to: "STOP THE MURDERS OF OUR CHILDREN. CUBAN MOTHERS." The Cuban woman wearing the short white jacket in the photo above was the mother of the murdered Little Willie Soler. Mothers like these fueled the Cuban Revolution, even more than the dire poverty that the Batista-Mafia dictatorship imposed on the island's peasant children.
     This photo shows a Cuban child being treated at what TODAY is at Cuba's WILLIAM SOLER CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL that is named for the murdered Little Willie Soler.
      That smile above belongs to Dr. Susett Gonzalez. She saves children's lives today at William Soler Children's Hospital in Havana.
    Recently, Dr. Susett Gonzalez and her husband Rudy became the parents of their first child, a boy named Roman.
     This baby boy, Roman, is better treated today in Cuba than the non-rich babies born in Batista's Cuba were treated. Having been to Cuba, I sincerely believe that explains the latest phenomenon about the Cuban Revolution, which is: How in the hell it has survived for 6+ decades!!!!
      Meanwhile, when rich and cruel U. S. journalists -- such as the rich and cruel Mac Margolis at Bloomberg News -- suggest that the rich and cruel Trump administration, on behalf of a few rich and cruel Cubans in Little Havana USA, advocate genocide as a tool to recapture Cuba, I hope that someday enough brave American mothers will object. Till then, I hope there are enough Cuban mothers, like Dr. Susett Gonzalez at William Soler Children's Hospital, who will continue to OBJECT!!
Welcome to Dr. Gonzalez's Cuba.

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