Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Morally Bankrupt Marco Rubio

     For over three decades John McAuliff has been one of the USA's greatest and most decent experts regarding US-Cuban relations. Mr. McAuliff's new article laments that the Trump-Rubio regime in Washington is getting away with taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic to further impose genocide on masses of innocent people in Cuba to appease Rubio's rich and powerful mentors in Little Havana, the Batistiano capital in Miami that evolved after the Cuban Revolution in 1959 overthrew the brutal U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba. Mr. McAuliff's new article is aptly entitled: "U.S. ATTACKS ON CUBA DURING COVID-19 IS MORALLY BANKRUPT." Almost every decent and knowledgeable person in the whole world totally agrees with John McAuliff. AND YET, 330 million citizens in Democratic America are finding that the U. S. democracy is simply not strong enough to stem what appears to be an encroaching takeover of Washington by Little Havana, a process that has been ongoing since 1959. HERE'S WHY:
    In 1952 a few right-wing thugs in the Eisenhower administration aligned the U. S. democracy with the Mafia to support the brutal and thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba. And not just low-level Mafia thugs but the VERY HIGHEST ECHELON OF THE MAFIA such as all-time kingpins like Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky, as shown above. At the time in 1952 the U. S. had been the imperialist force in Cuba since 1898's Spanish-American War, fought solely in Cuba, had easily fulfilled an American dream -- control OF CUBA!! Thus anytime beginning in 1898 the U. S. had the power to install a world-class Democracy in Cuba. So why did the U. S. in the 1950s prefer a brutal, thieving Mafia-fueled dictatorship such as depicted above???? Well, the answer is this: The criminals within the bowels of the U. S. government believed that in a Democracy the resources of Cuba would likely be largely used to benefit the majority of Cubans while in a powerful Dictatorship, via kickbacks, rich U. S. businessmen could partake in the wholesale rape and robbery of the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island nation!!! In fact, that same philosophy was also in effect and perfected by the U. S. government in many other nations where the U.S. also preferred and supported many brutal dictatorships -- Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua, Videla in Argentina, the Shaw in Iran, etc., etc., and deep into the 1970s the U. S. {Nixon-Kissinger, etc.} overturned popular Democratic governments to install U.S.-friendly dictators -- the most flagrant regime-change coup coming in 1973 in Chile, killing the great duly-elected President Allende so he could be replaced, for 17 extremely bloody and murderous years, by the Nixon/Kissinger-beloved murderous Dictator Pinochet. But when powerful U. S. politicians responsible for supporting and sometimes installing murderous dictators in smaller nations were never HELD RESPONSIBLE for such insults to Democracy, the United States of America starting in 1952 drifted from decency into ALIGNING its internationally respected Democracy with the disgraceful Mafia in Cuba. Of course, to this day in 2020 Americans are saturated with potent lies about the image above depicting the U.S.-backed Mafia mayhem inflicted on Cuba in the 1950s so rich U. S. businessmen could partake in the spoils.
    The U. S. support of the Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba in the 1950s was an anti-democracy departure that was also beginning to be a foreign policy that was spreading elsewhere, especially in the Caribbean and Latin America -- such as the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Iran, etc., etc. U. S. thugs who successfully embedded this imperialist theory into the U. S. democracy also led the U. S. into bloody wars in Korea and Vietnam that the Superpower U. S. lost because sending hundreds of thousands of U. S. soldiers, supported by the world's strongest Air Force, still couldn't defeat people fighting on their own soil against an invader from thousands of miles away. But it was the Cuban Revolution, when it overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia regime in January of 1959, that engraved itself deeply and uniquely into the fabric of American politics, culture, and all other facets of the United States existence. That's because, after a revolution in little Cuba defeated U.S.'s imperial expansion, even more astounding and everlasting was THE FACT that the U. S. democracy instantly permitted the overthrown Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba to re-establish itself on U. S. soil, still with the support of the Superpower's treasury and military. Thus, from 1959 till this today, as reflected by the video above, the new Batistiano capital in the heart of nearby Miami known at Little Havana has increasingly tightened its grip on the Republican Party, and with it America. The USA's political apparatus is based on a TWO-PARTY SYSTEM, Republicans and Democrats, and so with its grip on the Republican Party, what essentially is the BATISTIANO PARTY has evolved into a THIRD PARTY that has evolved from within the Republican Party. Of course, Americans are supposed to deny that cancerous blight on their Democracy but the same Americans are also the most culpable ones because they...we...have allowed it to happen. Thus, Americans are obliged to meekly accept propaganda that denies that the Mob...the Mafia...ruled Cuba "pre-Castro"...meaning before the Revolution. You see, since 1959 the Batistiano control of the Cuban narrative in the U. S. always starts with santilizing the brutal Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba BEFORE a long-shot revolution chased it to Miami, now the home of Little Havana...a Little Havana that has used the power and treasure of the U. S. to TRY to recapture Cuba!!!!! In that process, the likes of Marco Rubio, into a second rich generation of Little Havana Batistianos, have changed the U. S. democracy much more than they have changed Revolutionary Cuba.
      With strong-arm control of the U. S. Cuban narrative since 1959, two generations of Little Havana Counter Revolutionary zealots have-also strong-armed a dangerous control of the Republican Party, which is truly a danger whenever Republicans are in the White House or are forces in the U. S. Congress. The graphic above illustrates Little Havana's grip on America's basic Cuban political structure, which now transcends into the basic fabric of America. In the heart of Little Havana, that's Senator Marco Rubio above shown speaking at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami. It represents the transition -- Manuel Artime to Rubio -- that has enabled Little Havana to be indelibly embedded into the heart of the U. S. democracy. Manuel Artime was one of the leaders of the Bay of Pigs U.S.-Cuban exile military attack that in April of 1961 was designed to re-capture Cuba for the Batistianos. Although the Bay of Pigs turned out to be a historic humiliation for the United States and the Cuban exiles, people like Manuel Artime are to this day considered Superheroes not only in Miami but nationwide. And as a carefully groomed and hyper-financed force in the second generation of Counter Revolutionaries from Little Havana, Rubio is NOT to be challenged regardless of what he says about Batista's Cuba or Revolutionary Cuba whether he is speaking at the Manuel Artime theater in Miami or on any of the U. S. television programs that he wants to appear on.
     In America's two-party political system, the Democratic U. S. President Barack Obama did his best to normalize relations with Cuba. Obama went to Cuba and told the Cuban people: "Cuba does not need to fear a threat from the United States." The words were both brave and sincere. But the Democratic President Obama was replaced by another Republican President.
       After the Republican Donald Trump succeeded Obama as the U. S. President in 2017, as shown above, one of Trump's first presidential decisions was to totally turn the USA's Cuban policies back over to self-serving Little Havana Counter Revolutionary zealots such as Marco Rubio and Mario Diaz-Balart. Rubio's entire financial and political careers have been based on helping a few rich and powerful Little Havana Cubans to re-capture Cuba and, in doing so, to pulverize the masses of Cubans in Cuba. Mario Diaz-Balart, of course, is a part of the ultra-rich and omnipotent Diaz-Balart family and Mario's father Rafael Diaz-Balart was a key Minister in the Batista dictatorship before, starting in January-1959, becoming the rich and powerful creator of the first anti-Castro paramilitary unit on U. S. soil. When extremely biased Little Havana extremists like Marco & Mario are allowed to make the economic, military, and genocidal decisions related to Cuba, the U. S. democracy is as much a victim as the Cuban people on the island, I think.
      Indeed, "Rubio applauds Trump's move to roll back Cuba Policy." The truth is, Rubio and his ilk orchestrated that "roll back" to benefit the MONEY-obsessed and POLITICALLY-obsessed Cubans in Little Havana USA. When a Little Havana lightweight like Marco Rubio can make genocidal and {as John McAuliff said} "morally bankrupt" decisions to harm masses of Cubans, the United States is diminished more than Cuba. {I am a passionate and self-avowed Democracy-loving American who believes that anyone who "morally bankrupts America" should be held responsible and accountable, and not benefit economically and politically from committing cowardice genocide against masses of totally innocent people in a much weaker nation!!}.
          And in April of 2020that is where we are in the United States..."MORALLY BANKRUPT"...as another Republican president, Trump, anoints another Little Havana lightweight, Rubio, as the USA's new U. S. Cuban dictator in Little Havana USA, but not in...Havana.

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