Tuesday, April 28, 2020

CUBA: In the Age of COVID-19

And in The Age of Trump!!
     As of today -- April 28th, 2020 -- Cuban statistics reveal 58 deaths {"Fallecidos"} related to the island's ongoing battle against the Coronavirus. Although the mainstream media in the U. S. is too incompetent and too afraid to admit it, Cuba is the ONLY NATION IN THE WORLD forced to struggle against the COVID-19 crisis while also being forced to also battle against a genocidal Blockade being imposed by a world Superpower, and in this case the Superpower is the nearby United States of America.
     Since the 1950's Cubans on the island, incredibly, have survived seven different Republican administrations in Washington, including now the Trump regime. Incredibly, even today there are about 11 million Cubans on the island who intend to survive Trump, the latest Republican Commander-in-CHIEF to promise a handful of the most powerful and vicious Cuban-Americans that the incomparable USA treasury and  the omnipotent USA military will recapture Cuba for them, the same thing the previous six Republican administrations in the past six decades have promised and tried to deliver. The photo above was taken this afternoon -- April 28th, 2020 -- in Havana and, if you take a moment to study ityou might get a hint as to why Cuba just might even survive Donald Trump. The Guerrilla Fighter above is Rosy Amaro. She is an important and influential television News Anchor on the island. Among her many promotions during the pandemic, Rosy has stressed that Cubans should "STAY HOME" as much as possible to prevent spreading the deadly virus. Recently she has suggested that Cubans use the Internet to order some of the things they need and, in that manner, the purchases will be home-delivered. Several days ago Rosy said she had purchased some items Online and this afternoon they arrived at her home. Soshe used this photo to prove that Online deliveries work.
     On the same hour in Havana that Rosy Amaro was promoting her anti-COVID-19 home delivery, President Donald Trump was holding his April 28th Coronavirus News Conference in Washington. Again Trump invoked the USA's benevolence in helping other nations and "not just allies" but also enemies such as North Korea, Iran, etc. Of course, Trump has neither the guts nor the decency to include the name "Cuba" when he discusses America's benevolence. In order to include "Cuba" in regards to benevolence, Trump would need the permission of Little Havana Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, in the White House, and in the U. S. Congress such as Marco Rubio, the Diaz-Balart brothers,  Bob Menendez, and Mauricio Claver-Carone. And NO REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT IN THE UNITED STATES will EVER GET THAT PERMISSION. In other words, the Little Havana grip on the USA in the Age of Trump is every bit as harmful to the United States as it is to the 11 million Cubans on the island who are battling COVID-19 while also battling the genocidal Blockade from the "benovolent" United States of America.
It is interesting,
I think,
that Little Havana
has captured Washington
it has recaptured Havana.

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