Friday, April 10, 2020

Miami Exports Genocide to Cuba

 And The U.S. DEMOCRACY Can't Stop It!!
        The Miami New Times is known as the "Independent News Source" in Miami..and a viable alternative to the Miami Herald.
     Miami native Alexi C. Cardona, a journalist for the Miami New Times, today -- April 10th, 2020 -- penned an article entitled: "MIAMI-DADE LEADERS THINK CUBA IS PARTLY TO BLAME FOR CORONAVIRUS SPREAD." Unfortunately, the Counter Revolutionaries who are spreading such lies are among the ones who, since 1959, have controlled Miami and, after a self-serving and unholy alliance with the Reagan-Bush and Bush administrations, has also controlled much of the U. S. government including, of course, the USA's Cuban policies. In 2020 it is becoming apparent that, because the U. S. democracy is not strong enough to deal with this abomination of such a dominance of the Republican Party in the USA's two-party political system, it appears to portend the distinct possibility of  a Batistiano America that would resemble Cuba's U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia DICTATORSHIP in the 1950s prior to the triumph of the Cuban Revolution way back on January 1, 1959.
      In fact, if Batistiano America evolved in the next few years, the top leaders would surely include Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart. Their father was Rafael Diaz-Balart, a top Minister in Cuba's Batista dictatorship who fled to Miami after the victory of the Cuban Revolution in January of 1959 and emerged as one of the richest and most powerful leaders in Little Havana. Among his efforts to recapture Cuba, Rafael Diaz-Balart created the first anti-Castro paramilitary group in South Florida, named The White Rose, and pushed his sons Lincoln & Mario into the U. S. Congress beginning in 1993 where, in both Congress and in Little Havana, they have, like their father, fiercely endeavored to recapture Cuba.
      While most of the early leaders of Little Havana, such as Rafael Diaz-Balart, have died, some of them still remain and a second generation of their offspring or disciples emerged.
     Today's Miami New Times article used the two photos depicted above to illustrate its report that seems to confirm what most people in the Miami area already knew, which is that the rich, ultra-powerful, and long-time Counter Revolutionary leaders in Miami, unable to re-capture Cuba, have at least captured Miami, and Florida, and much of the U. S. government. The fact that the U. S. democracy is not strong enough to prevent or soften genocide against masses of Cubans on the island in April of 2020 is explained in the updated Miami New Times article today. On the left above is Javier Souto and on the right is Esteban Bovo. They are emblematic of the rich and ultra-powerful Counter Revolutionaries who have dominated Miami and the entire Republican Party for decades. Souto and Bovo are OMNIPOTENT county commissioners in Miami-Dade County. The aforementioned article on April 10th-2020 said, "Javier Souto...has even implied that Cuba might be weaponizing the novel Coronavirus and exporting it to Miami." Americans, I believe, should read and study this article to know what else Javier Souto and Esteban Bovo said. The sad fact is that, since 1959, such unchecked comments have been integral parts of the basic fabric of the U. S. democracy, routinely saturating and overwhelming the Cuban narrative in the United States as perpetrated by generations of Counter Revolutionaries empowered within the confines of the Little Havana section of Miami.
     This Miami New Times photo illustrated an earlier article written by Alexi C. Cardona. It explained that the first wave of Counter Revolutionary Cubans starting in 1959 have since spawned a current generation of self-serving Counter Revolutionaries like Senator Marco Rubio. Although easily dismissed by presidential rival Donald Trump as "Little Marco" during the 2016 Republican primary, Little Marco, like other ambitious Cuban-Americans in Miami, can latch on to the Republican Party and attain awesome wealth and undeserved power. Ken Silverstein, considered to be the best investigative journalist in Washington, investigated Little Marco in detail and, in a massively long article, stated: "Marco Rubio is heads and shoulders above everyone else in Washington when it comes to corruption and chicanery." Of course, if you are a Cuban from Miami and embraced by the first wave of Cuban Counter Revolutionaries and the Republican Party, everything else simply doesn't matter.
      Since the 1970s EVERY Republican U. S. President has been 100% aligned with Miami's extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans, especially the four Batistiano-lovers depicted above. Of course, the mutually beneficial economic and political rewards for these four President were astronomical.
     Study the Miami Herald photo above and then go back and read today's Miami New Times article in which ultra-powerful Miami Counter Revolutionary extremists Javier Souto and Esteban Bovo claimed that Revolutionary Cuba is to blame for spreading the Coronavirus PANDEMIC to Miami. The photo above shows America's current Republican President Donald Trump arriving in Miami to meet with the Miami Counter Revolutionary extremists. Every Republican President since Nixon and particularly Bush #1 and Bush #2 have been totally at the mercy of whatever such Miami leaders have dictated to them.
   Of course, Little Havana powerhouses Javier Souter and Esteban Bovo can loudly say that Cuba is responsible for sending the Coronavirus pandemic to Miami and everyone in the U. S. is obliged to believe them -- or else!! Since 1959 the Cuban narrative in the United States has been controlled by the exiles from Batista's Cuba -- or else -- and Americans must learn to repeat "The Mafia did not run pre-Castro Cuba"...or else. And remember to emphasize OR ELSE!!!!
     It is known that President Trump doesn't like "Little" Marco Rubio. But Trump was totally obligated to anoint Little Marco as the USA's Cuban dictator on U. S. soil. That was because Little Havana told Trump do that, and Trump had no choice not to obey. Little Havana, of course, had total control of George W. Bush's 8 years as U. S. President. Yet there was ONE THING that not even Bush did and that was NOT to activate the Title 3 provision of the Helms-Burton Act because even Bush believed it was too genocidal to unleash on masses of innocent Cubans. But in 2019 Trump...who takes his Cuban orders from Rubio who takes all of his orders from Little Havana elders...activated all the genocidal aspects of Title 3, and will not...cannot...soften them even during the Coronavirus pandemic.
     President Trump has gotten away with activating and unleashing Title III on the people of Cuba at the behest of a handful of Little Havana extremists in Miami. That is because the propagandized American people and even the left-wing U. S. U. S. media that hates Trump with a passion, is simply too afraid of Little Havana to oppose it. Thus in April of 2020 Title III's genocide against the children, women and men on the nearby island now continues unabated...with the U. S. democracy unable to do anything about it. It begs the question, does this portend a takeover of the entire U. S. government by Little Havana zealots in the near future??
     Again today -- April 10th, 2020 -- President Trump held a major news conference about the Coronavirus pandemic. And AGAIN Trump stated that the U. S. is ready to help other nations...including Iran and North help them fight the worldwide pandemic. But Trump doesn't have the courage to even mention the word "Cuba" among the nations that the U. S. will help during the Coronavirus crisis, and that's because the Little Havana extremists would not let him do so.
     In April of 2020 President Trump's genocide against masses of totally innocent Cubans on the island at the behest of a handful of extremist Cubans in Little Havana and in the U. S. Congress harkens back to the 1950s when a handful of Republicans aligned the U. S. democracy with the Mafia to support the brutal Batista dictatorship in Cuba.
    The purpose of the U. S. support of the brutal and thieving Batista-Mafia dictatorship in Cuba during the 1950s was, of course, so rich U. S. companies could partake in the Mafia-orchestrated ransacking of the island. The prevalent theory was that if the U. S. imposed a Democracy on Cuba, which it could have done, much of the island's resources would have gone to the Cuban people...and that's why in the 1950s the U. S. supported the Mafia-run island instead of a decent Democracy. Exacerbating the greedy logic that led to the U. S. support of the Mafia DICTATORSHIP in Cuba is the fact that the U. S. has, since 1959, supported Little Havana's vile attempt to re-capture Havana.
     And since Trump's activation of the Title III portion of Helms-Burton, the U. S. Embargo of Cuba, which has existed since 1962, has clearly involved into a genocidal Blockade of the island...while, of course, it continues to make a few Little Havana extremists richer-and-richer. But it's not the greed, but  it's the genocide from Title III that in 2020 attaches the Skull X onto Helms-Burton, further shaming both America and Democracy.
     As a democracy-loving American who has been to both Little Havana USA and to Havana Cuba, I have come to worry that Little Havana may be on a path to taking full charge of the U. S. government similar to the way Batista, with the U.S.'s help, took over the Cuban government in 1952.
     Meanwhile, even in the ERA of Trump in the USA, these little Cuban girls are massively loved and protected on the island. They are shown enjoying a birthday party in Havana, despite what Little Havana is doing to their island. I happen to believe that no powerful nation -- such as Russia, China, the United States, etc. -- should ever be allowed to unleash genocide again the children of a much smaller and weaker nation. It would take a long Mafia jolt to dislodge me of that notion, a long-held notion that Title 3 expanded into an indelible belief.
      Children in non-nuclear nations don't deserve to be threatened by a handful of miscreants empowered and protected by nuclear Superpower nations.
That even includes the children in Cuba.

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