Will Cuba Survive COVID & Blockade

 Uh, MAYBE!!!


      If you want to access vicious Cuban propaganda, such as 'learning' that the current 'regime' routinely machine-guns Cubans to keep control of the island, all you have to do any day is go online and access Cuban News on mainstream U. S. sources such as the Miami Herald, Washington Post, New York Times, etc., or visit ubiquitously vicious Counter Revolutionary blogs such as Ciber Cuba News, Radio-TV Marti, Babalu, 14medio, etc., etc., etc. If you frequent or even occasionally visit such sources, you will believe that Revolutionary Cuba will fall within a day or two, or perhaps in the next few hours. But, of course, such propaganda has prevailed since 1959 in the U. S. media and in U.S./Miami-friendly 'media sources' from inside Cuba. On the other hand, if you want actual unbiased Cuban News the best daily source is surely On Cuba News that has excellent and unbiased journalists posted in offices in both Havana and Miami. Thus, On Cuba News reports negative news regarding Cuba as well as positive news, and actually considers the opinions of everyday Cubans on the island, not just the opinions of the most extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Little Havana/Miami, etc. And On Cuba News, in its fair and unbiased news coverage of daily aspects of Cuban life, is easily accessed online in either Spanish or English.
    Thus on Saturday, October 16, 2021, Cubans on the island are not getting routinely machine-gunned on the streets nor are they planning to overthrow their Revolutionary government within the next few days. So, as On Cuba News reports today {above} -- Oct. 16-2021 -- Cubans are pleased that their government can report that COVID-19's surge is sharply trending downward and..."....deaths also fell significantly to 19, the first time they have been in their twenties since the beginning of July."
      Also today -- Oct. 16-2021 -- Cuba can report that "...its borders will reopen on November 1, when travel to and from other Cuban provinces will be restored."
     This photo today -- Oct. 16-2021 -- was posted on social media outlets by two unmasked Cubans who love Havana and oppose any denigration of their government or the island's 13-million citizens.
  On Oct. 16-2021 this photo by Julian Sanabria shows a new trend involving Food Markets opening around the island, encouraged by the government that is promoting private ownership of such markets and farms.
   As it begins to get a handle on the Pandemic and is learning to live with the Trump-Biden Blockade, Cuba is opening its famous beaches to its own people and international tourists. The two photos above were taken at CAYO SANTA MARIA, which TripAdvisor this year lists as the Second Best Beach in the World in 2021. CAYO SANTA MARIA is just southeast of Florida, which doesn't have any beaches nearly listed that high.
And so....
Will the Revolution
Survive 2021???

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