How Cubans Get Rich in the USA

 Ask Jeff & Miguel Bezos!!

    Before emerging as the richest man in the history of the world Jeff Bezos started off humbly, being born to destitute teenage parents in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His hourly Gold Mine, of course, is Amazon but his toys include the once-iconic news source Washington Post. Jeff Bezos's path to becoming the richest person in the history of the World began when he was four-years-old and his step-father became Cuban-born Miguel Bezos. Although it is not politically nor socially correct to mention it, the Jeff Bezos nexus with Cuba sharply chronicles how the step-son of Miguel Bezos became the richest person in history.

    For decades the Washington Post was an ultra-powerful liberal source in the U. S...with international repercussions too. But once the U. S. democracy began forsaking monopoly rules and allowed ultra-rich individuals and corporations to purchase major media properties, the Jeff Bezos purchase of the Washington Post had no hurdles. Thus, in the Jeff Bezos era, much of the mainstream media in the U. S. has gone from ultra-liberal to ultra/left-wing propaganda sources...with the other end of the mainstream media spectrum becoming ultra/right-wing propaganda sources. That, as Gallup and other respected polls reveal, means most Americans "don't trust" the mainstream U. S. media now, which is a terrible situation to be inflicted on a Democracy. One of the victims of the left-wing/right-wing tilt to the mainstream U. S. media is U.S.-Cuba Relations. And the extreme left-wing voice of Jeff Bezos's Washington Post is a prime example of how, in the U. S., the only people who are usually allowed to express opinions about U. S. relations with Cuba are extreme dissidents in Cuba or Cuban-American benefactors in prime Counter Revolutionary cities such as Miami, Newark, and Washington. If, for example, 10 million of the 13 million Cubans on the island are extremely supportive of their revolutionary government, their opinions normally are never aired in the U. S. media. On the other hand, if you happen to be a vicious dissident on the island, either by individual choice or well-backed leanings, mainstream U. S. media sources -- such as the Bezos-owned Washington Post -- lavishly quote Counter Revolutionary Cubans or routinely allow them to even pen their own anti-Cuba Editorials. For example, in this next-to-last week of October-2021 I suggest you dial up the latest anti-Cuban diatribe in the WASHINGTON POST:
     It appears this week that the Washington Post is chagrinned {above} that "spontaneous" anti-Cuban protests back in July didn't result in the long-cherished overthrow of Cuba's revolutionary government. Therefore, it appears now that the Washington Post -- along with most of the other left-wing/right-wing media sources in the U. S. -- are promoting that yet another "spontaneous protest in Cuba" set on a specific date next month, November of 2021, will finally result in the overthrow of Cuba's revolutionary government. In the Washington Post ant-Cuba promotion this week, as you see above, whatever Michel Parra says is taken and presented as gospel. Is that because...uh...he says only what fits the Washington Post's anti-Cuban narratives????? And, as a Democracy-loving American who has been to Cuba, permit me to wonder if such articles...or propaganda...say much more about the USA than about the island of Cuba???
      The aforementioned Washington Post article used the photo above to explain the police brutality that supposedly quelled the anti-government protests back in July. The Cuban government as well as numerous Cubans on multiple Social Media outlets said the protesters were mercenaries or, at least in part, encouraged by Miami, Newark, and Washington entities. And, if that is true or even if it is partly true, that fact should at least be mentioned by the U. S. media in its incessant saturations and condemnations of Revolutionary Cuba, which implies that most, or almost all, the Cubans on the island VERILY LONG for the return of the pre-revolutionary Batista dictatorship that was supported by the Mafia and the United States.
    Cuba's historic Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro died at age 90 in 2016. So, in the waning days of October-2021, whose legacy remained the primary image, as shown above, that led the pro-government protests to quell the anti-government protests back in July?? Moreover, next month in November of 2021 when the next "spontaneous" anti-government protests begin in Cuba, it will again be the legacy of Fidel Castro that will almost certainly fuel the counter pro-revolutionary protests on behalf of the Cuban Revolution. The odds were at least a million-to-one against the revolutionary victory on January 1-1959 and the odds have been at least a billion-to-one against its longevity for all these decades since that date. Since Jan. 1st-1959 Americans have been told that almost every Cuban on the island hated/hates Castro and his Revolution. But that is not so. And if that had been so, there would never had been a revolutionary victory in January-1959 and there would have never been the revolution's longevity since January-1959. Perhaps the Washington Post or someone in the rest of the Counter Revolutionary U. S. media one day might explain how the Cuban Revolution triumphed and how it has lasted for all these decades, but don't count on that. You see, since January of 1959 the extremely lucrative COUNTER REVOLUTIONARY CUBANS ON U. S. SOIL, from Miami to Washington, HAVE SIMPLY reaped vast fortunes for simply being Counter Revolutionaries in the U. S...including, of course, Miguel Bezos...and his step-son.

    Beginning in January of 1959, the Cubans who fled Revolutionary Cuba for their sanctuary on U. S. soil, particularly in Miami/Little Havana, were instantly surprised that they had vast advantages that the current people in Miami and elsewhere didn't have. As you see above, for example, Miguel Bezos...once he left Cuba for the USA...was immediately and powerfully supported by the ultra-rich Catholic Church, which could assume that the immigrating Cubans were Catholics. But not only that, after leaving Cuba starting in January of 1959 the former Batistiano and Mafiosi money that was  accumulated in Batista's Cuba, along with the firepower behind it, easily and quickly took over Miami politically and economically just the way it had controlled Havana from 1952 till 1959. Thus, Cubans who fled the Revolution starting in 1959 had the unique economic and political support that others in America simply did not have...hey, there is a lot more money in the U. S. than in even Batista's Cuba...Catholic money, Batistiano money, U. S. tax-dollar money, etc. So Hey...if you are a Counter Revolutionary Cuban in the U. S. you need to go to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford...and don't worry about getting in or about the money!!!! In other words, the Bezos nexus about how to become the richest man in the history of the world is...huh...very, very, very interesting!!!!! But, of course, from January of 1959 until October of 2021 Americans are supposed not to comprehend such things because it doesn't compute with the very lucrative narrative that fuels the U.S-Cuban conundrum. And in other words, Americans are not supposed to know about or even Google how in the hell the Cuban Revolution triumphed in January-1959 and how it still exists in October-2021!!!


   Huh...interesting...how a Revolution in a little island nation defeated a Powerful dictator who was supported by the most Powerful criminal organization in the world, the Mafia, and by the most Powerful nation in the world, the USA!!! And even more interesting is the fact that the tiny, little Revolution has existed for all the decades since 1959!!! Interesting, to be sure!!!
     And huh...interesting...as well as coincidental that the step-son of a Cuban that fled the Cuban Revolution became the richest man in the world!!!

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