COVID Eases but COUP on Horizon!!

As Cuba Navigates Its 2 Perils!!

     This photo in Havana today shows Cubans thanking their scientists for producing the vaccines that they believe are greatly reducing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

   Today -- October 27th-2021 -- Cubans on the island continue to rejoice about the results of the intense vaccination program that appears to be drastically lessening the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Today the COVID statistics reveal 9 deaths in the past 24 hours and 912 new cases, sharply down from previous days. Thus...Cuba has decided to resume classroom schooling on November 15th; to open its borders to international tourism on November 15th; and to hold military exercises on November 15th. Meanwhile, and not totally coincidental, an ultra-powerful and highly publicized "Protest" on the island is also set for November 15th-2021 that many believe will finally topple Revolutionary Cuba, which has ruled the island since 1959.
    As crucial Cuba-US conundrums close out October-2021, the Top Cuban Headlines for Oct. 27th show that the mainstream U. S. media -- as reflected above by NBC News and the Miami Herald -- pretends there are no positive vides from Cuba regarding things like the Pandemic but only negative vides such as the upcoming coup on Nov. 15th!! Today, as usual, London-based Reuters, which has four unbiased and superb journalists that report from Cuba, even reports on Cuba's positive results surrounding their own COVID vaccines. Of course, the Miami Herald and NBC News today are only concerned with promoting the Nov. 15th-2021 coup.
    Most mainstream U. S. media outlets, including NBC News, have extreme Counter Revolutionary 'journalists' such as Carmen Sesin as their primary Cuban propagandists. Above is Sesin's promotion about why the Nov. 15th COUP in Cuba is necessary.
   Yes, Cuba's president Miguel Diaz-Canel "accuses the U. S. of involvement" in the nationwide protests on the island set for November 15th-2021. Is he correct, partially correct, or totally wrong???
     On state Cuban media and on Social Media, there is an alleged phone call from Ramon Saul Sanchez to Yunior Garcia Aguilera related importantly to the November 15th Protests in Cuba. Yunior Garcia is the Cuban artist leading the November 15th-2021 Protests on the island while Ramon Saul is one of the all-time most-famed Counter Revolutionary Cubans ever to reside in Miami. The first two words in the interesting phone call are: "Yunior?" and "Si."
    The biography of Ramon Saul Sanchez is no secret and, as shown above, the excerpt above...as far I know...is never disputed...including: "As a fifteen-year-old, he joined the radical guerrilla group Alpha 66 in Miami."
     A simple Google search of "Alpha 66" will reveal pertinent aspects of U.S.-Cuban Relations since January of 1959.
    And whether or not the November 15th-2021 Protests, led by Yunior Garcia, succeed or fail to remove Cuba's Revolutionary government, it will be one of many such efforts that have existed since January 1st of 1959.
     And...in other words...the island of Cuba remains on October 27th-2021 what it has always been, Which Is: The largest, most pugnacious, and most interesting nation in the Caribbean!!!!



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