Thursday, October 14, 2021

Cuba's Economy Staggering But Improving

The Cuban People Updated on the Economy!!

{October 14th, 2021} 

     Today Cuba's Economic Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez went on television and radio and answered questions about the state of the island's economy. He said:
         "Our economic priorities are the Blockade, escaping COVID, confronting inflation, and the sustainability of the national electrical energy system. We are heading towards a process of gradual recovery of the economy, opening various services including tourism, and the implementation of measures such as adding 60 more private business sectors, and adding four more non-agricultural cooperatives."
      Cuba's COVID-19 statistics for today -- October 14th, 2021 -- are slightly worse than yesterday but still trending sharply downward from recent weeks. The number of new cases total 2364 and the total of deaths in the past 24 hours total 38. The slight uptick might relate to the increased number of tourist flights this week.
     Of the 2364 new COVID-19 cases today, females lead the male population 1262 to 1102. And the number of new cases involving those under 20-years-old were 516.
     Although the World Health Organization is still reviewing the efficacy of Cuba's prime COVID-19 vaccines -- Soberana and Abdala -- Cuban scientists and the Cuban people overall appear to be encouraged by the actual results so far.

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