Nov. 15-2021; Target Date For Cuba's Demise?

 The LONG-awaited Overthrow Looms?

     Today -- October 23rd-2021 -- the official Cuban media, as shown above, is reporting that the island nation is beginning to emerge from the twin threats of the the U. S. blockade and the COVID-19 crisis. The article today highlighted the words of Cuba's long-time Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez expressing optimism although, as the COVID pandemic eases considerably on the island, Bruno Rodriguez is well aware that another powerful effort to overthrow Cuba's revolutionary government is set to begin in less than a month -- on November 15th-2021.
   For many years, at the UN and elsewhere, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has been a respected spokesman for Cuba, particularly related to the threats from the USA. His optimism today -- October 23rd-2021 -- regarding both COVID & the Blockade didn't mention that on November 15th-2021 many in Cuba and in the U. S. believe an imposing and powerful coup in the guise of a well-planned protest will commence.
     Yet, today -- Oct. 23rd-2021 -- many foreign entities tightly tied to Revolutionary Cuba's survival dismiss the projections of Nov. 15th's coup as similar to all the other U. S. attempts to overthrow the revolution since Jan. 1, 1959, meaning that Cuba will somehow survive. For example, the image above is from a new international ad, including on Social Media outlets, that began today by Iberostar, the Madrid-owned Hotel & Resorts giant. Like the other Spanish Hotel & Resorts giant Melia, Iberostar is now heavily promoting its international tourism trade involving Cuba's famed beaches such as Varadero, Cayo Santa Maria, and others. Across Cuba, Iberostar & Melia have forty luxurious properties catering to tourists and their ads are now pinpointing November 15th-2021 as the day for tourism to resume in earnest in Cuba. The Cuban government has also pinpointed November 15th-2021 as the day it will reopen its borders to tourists. Yet, many sources are also pinpointing November 15th-2021 as the day the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba commences.
   Even mainstream U. S. media sources are featuring high-profile anti-Cuban journalists -- and that includes...the NY Times, Washington Post, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., etc. And now those outlets are seemingly promoting Nov. 15th-2021 as the date for the beginning of the demise of Revolutionary Cuba. For example, today -- Oct. 23rd-2021 -- the anti-Cuban journalist at NBC News, Carmen Sesin, has a prime article extolling the virtues and power of the Cuban who is leading the upcoming Nov. 15th-2021 attempt at overthrowing Revolutionary Cuba.
    As shown above, today -- October 23-2021 -- is the start of the long article by Carmen Sesin of NBC News celebrating and extolling "the young artist" who "has emerged" has the leader of the "protests planned for Nov. 15."
     According to Carmen Sesin at NBC News today, and according to other mainstream U. S. media, the latest Superman leader of a supposed coup against Cuba is...Yunior Garcia, a 39-year-old artist. His quotes blazoned across the world today by Carmen Sesis and NBC News is meant, I assume, to bring chills down the spines of all the revolutionary leaders and civilian supporters on the entire island.
    This photo of Junior Garcia is courtesy of Yamil Lage; the Paris-based AFP News Agency; and Getty Images. This, supposedly, is the face of the Counter Revolutionary leader in Cuba destined to lead the revolution on Nov. 15th-2021 that might finally dethrone the Revolution that Fidel Castro began on JULY 26-1953 -- the one that ended up dethroning and shocking the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship on JANUARY 1ST-1959. Will Junior Garcia, who apparently has unlimited support, emulate the success of Fidel Castro's Revolution that began with very little support? Uh, maybe or maybe not...but historic dates are always interesting to contemplate, and perhaps Junior Garcia's Nov. 15th-2021 will turn out to be as historic as Fidel Castro's JULY 26-1953!!!!!
"Nov. 15 has to happen."
  History registers the fact that Fidel Castro made 26 de JULIO from 1953 everlastingly historic as the start of his Cuban Revolution that shocked the world, especially the United States and the Mafia, by defeating the Batista dictatorship.
     Will history one day register Junior Garcia's 15 of November from 2021 as the historic date that began the overthrow of Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution??? I, of course, don't know the answer to that titillating question but I will await future headlines by Carmen Sesin of NBC News and other Counter Revolutionary U. S. media sources to...uh...let me know!!!


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