Monday, October 4, 2021

Venezuela Wins, Cuba Sabotaged at U-23 Baseball World Cup

 Cuba Was Only Nation Sabotaged In Mexico!!

Of Course!!!

 CNN's bureau chief in Havana, Patrick Oppmann, authored the prime Cuban article that circled the globe in the past two days: "CUBA LASHES OUT AFTER YOUNG BASEBALL PLAYERS DEFECT IN MEXICO." He was referring to the U-23 World CUP Baseball event in Mexico that ended yesterday -- Oct. 3-2021 -- with Venezuela defeating Mexico 4-0 in the Championship game. Of course, in the 12-nation tournament only the Cuban National Team was sabotaged from being allowed to win the important event. Yet, Cuba still won six games and reached the Super Medal Round by beating Caribbean baseball power Dominican Republic 6-to-2...even though by then 7 of Cuba's best players had defected from the Cuban team that had started in Mexico with 24 players. But by the time the Super Medal Round was completed, as Patrick Oppmann reported for CNN and the world: "Eleven young baseball players defected from the Cuban national team during a tournament in Mexico for players under the age of 23. The remaining players on the team were returning home to Cuba on Monday."
       Of course, what Cuba experienced in the U-23 BASEBALL WORLD CUP in Mexico in the past ten days was what the baseball-loving island of Cuba experiences in all such international sporting events. The same thing happened, for example, when Cuba had to go to South Florida back in May for the pre-Qualifying tournament prior to this summer's Tokyo Olympics. In other words, human well as a few rich and powerful Cubans in the United States...freely benefit from the genocidal U. S. Embargo-Blockade of Cuba, a blight on mankind that was first imposed in 1962 and was enlarged into both a genocidal and lucrative enterprise in 1996 when ultra-rich and powerful ultra-Counter Revolutionary Cuban-Americans -- the Bush Dynasty-propelled Jorge Mas Canosa and Lincoln Diaz-Balart -- were allowed to ram the lucrative and genocidal Helms-Burton Act through the U. S. Congress. To this day the Helms-Burton Act means genocide for Cubans on the island while continuing to greatly enrich and empower selected U. S. Cubans. And that is this day...there should be an X and a skull attached to any image of the Helms-Burton Act!!!!!

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