Cuba Plans Surviving COVID & BLOCKADE


      Above are the COVID-19 statistics posted today -- October 5th-2021 -- by Cuba for the past 24 hours. It shows that the surge of the Pandemic on the island is subsiding with its massive vaccine campaign although the numbers are still crucial. As shown above the total of deaths {fallecidos} in the past 24 hours are 45 to push the overall total to 7663. The confirmed new cases are 4793 with Havana cases sharply down to 265 in the past 24 hours, but Pinar del Rio's total of new cases, 1439, remain the highest on the island.
    The confirmed new COVID cases today are 4793. In the lower-central of the graphic above, you can note that 2616 new cases involved females and 2177 cases in males. Also, there are 857 new cases in Cubans under 20 years of age. These statistics today are not good but the trend is surely downward.
      The Cuban media today reported that the U. S. weekly magazine Newsweek saluted Cuba as a "...small nation {that} is unique in the entire Western Hemisphere...in the production of its own vaccines against COVID 19 and the immunization rates of its population...which it considered among the highest in the world."
    Cuban mothers, who loudly decry the Trump-Biden blockade of the island, are now giving Thumbs Up to the Cuban government for its aggressive vaccination of their children.
     Cuba today announced a "...new Portfolio of Opportunities for Foreign Investment by adding 175 new projects that pay directly to the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030." The new project, as shown above, "...will seek to attract foreign capital to revive the national economy, hit by the pandemic and the blockade imposed by the United States."
   The U. S. media...especially a plethora of well-funded Counter Revolutionary publishers based in Little Havana/Miami and even Havana...daily promote massive efforts to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba by portraying Revolutionary Cuba as the most vile nation in the world. Today Juan Antonio Quintanilla, Cuba's permanent representative to the United Nations office in Geneva, had an impassioned speech in which he said, "The gargantuan U. S. media is the elephant in Western Hemisphere's media circles and that is why the world is told that the brutal and mafia-run rule prior to the Revolution was a world-class and decent government while Cuba since 1959 has been run by revolutionary thieves and murderers. If any of that portrayal was true, the Cuban people themselves would have risen up since 1959 to reshape their island land. But in Geneva I reiterate before the UN Human Rights Council today Cuba's rejection of all forms of racism, discrimination, xenophobia, and other manifestations of intolerances. The Greater Antilles will always fight for social justice."
     Cuba remains the largest and the most beautiful nation in the Caribbean but the Revolutionary Cuban government has faced predictions of its demise every day since January 1st of 1959...but today, October 5-2021, it remains, perhaps, the most surprising survivor on the planet. And for that reason, I think, Revolutionary Cuba has a right to present its side of the Cuba-U.S. conundrum, as Juan Antonio Quintanilla did today at the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

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