Cuba Opens Up To Tourists


    Spanish-owned and Canadian-owned airplanes are flying tourists to Cuba's world-class beaches.
     On Cuba's north-central coast directly southeast of South Florida, TripAdvisor this year of 2021 lists CAYO SANTA MARIA as the Second Best Beach in the Whole World and nearby VARADERO has often been rated the #One Beach in the Whole World!!
    The reason Cuba has now reopened its vital tourism to international visitors is depicted today -- October 13-2021 -- by these updated COVID-19 statistics for the past 24 hours. The island's urgent vaccination program appears to be resulting in a sharp downward trend on new positives cases as well as deaths from the pandemic. As shown above, in the last 24 hours there have been 2354 new cases and 28 new fallecidos {deaths}. Those new statistics today are drastically lower than they were just a few weeks ago. And as shown above, now the total number of deaths from COVID-19 total 7956 in a population of 13 million.
        Meanwhile, for the next month -- on a specific date in November of 2021 -- the vast and well-funded Counter Revolutionary media in both the U. S. and in Cuba will saturate their readers and viewers with the latest "absolute" PREDICTIONS that "the current Cuban REGIME will be overthrown!!!!" But, of course, such drastic predictions have been ubiquitous every day since THE 1ST OF JANUARY-1959!!!!
   In the interview above, Antoni Kapcia made a valid point: If any foreign power, even if its the nearby World Superpower, makes the same mistakes time-and-again, little Revolutionary Cuba will prolong its longevity. And that point is this, I believe: From 1952 until this very day on October 13-2021, most of the people on the island have strongly supported their favorite rebel, Fidel Castro -- not Batista, not Lucky Luciana and the Mafia, and not the United States. If that was not so, Revolutionary Cuba would have been overthrown many decades ago...and might even survive the latest prediction of its demise in November of 2021!!!!!
          In other words, as visitors to Cuba have known and will still detect, from 1952 till October of 2021, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, has been revered by most Cubans on the island. Although he died at age 90 in 2016, that still remains a fact to this DAY although, of course, Americans are told that is not so.

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