Cuba Preparing for an Overthrow?

 U. S. Media Fixated On Next Month's Coup!!

     In these last days of October of 2021 the high-profile & mainstream Counter Revolutionary journalists in the United States are giddy in their belief that November 15th of 2021 will finally signify the overthrow of Revolutionary Cuba!! That, of course, includes Andres Oppenheimer, the renowned and wealthy top Columnist/Editorialist at the Miami Herald. Born 69 years ago in Buenos Aires, Oppenheimer's giddy anti-Cuba spiel this week is entitled "ARTISTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD SHOULD HONOR CUBANS' CALL......"

   Andres Oppenheimer began his article this week in the giddy Miami Herald promoting the upcoming November 15th-2021 protests/coup in Cuba/Havana/Little Havana/Miami by showing a photo and extolling artist Tania Bruguera. Shown above in a New York Times photo, Bruguera was born 53 years ago in Havana and she has spent her adult life trying to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba...as chronicled by many very gross/pornographic photos I choose not to show. As explained this week by Oppenheimer {and others}high-profiled Counter Revolutionary Cubans like Bruguera believe wholeheartedly that next month -- namely Nov. 15th-2021 -- will mark the long-desired demise of Revolutionary Cuba. Of course, such Counter Revolutionary journalists such as Andres Oppenheimer and artists such as Tania Bruguera always make sure to never mention TWO PERTINENT THINGS: {1} Why the extremely brutal and thieving Mafia-riddled Batista dictatorship was overthrown by the Cuban Revolution way back on January 1, 1959; and {2} today, while extreme Counter Revolutionary Cubans such as Tania Bruguera are lavishly publicized and supposedly well-funded in the U. S., the high-profile Counter Revolutionary journalists in the U. S. make sure not to mention the opinions of everyday Cubans on the island, most of whom apparently vastly supported Fidel Castro's long-shot revolution and most of whom today apparently vastly support President Miguel Diaz-Canel's long-shot defense of the revolution.
     Since January of 1959 the Little Havana section of Miami has progressively grown richer-and-richer and more powerful within the bowels of the USA's two-party political system. Batistiano Cubans, including Batista in Havana and later Canosa and the Diaz-Balarts in Little Havana, always had the total support of the USA's Republican Party from 1952 until today. But only in 2021 during the Biden administration has Little Havana had the support of the Democratic Party...so in October-November of 2021, for the first time, Little Havana now also has control of both of the USA's two political parties.
     And therefore, in October of 2021 -- with Little Havana's Counter Revolutionary zealots in control of Washington as well as Miami, etc. -- you can better understand why extremists such as journalist Andres Oppenheimer and artist Tania Bruguera are so convinced that the massive protests set for November 15-2021 will finally spell doom for Revolutionary Cuba...YOU KNOWthe little Revolution that -- way back on the morning of January 1, 1959 -- overthrew the powerful dictator Batista that was supported by the ultra-powerful Mafia and by the ultra-powerful USA!!
     And uh...when I started Cubaninsider a decade ago, as you can still see at the very top of each page, it was because I believed that the Cuban Revolution SAYS a lot more about the United States than it SAYS about Cuba. And now at the end of October-2021, with Little Havana in control of Miami and Washington, my belief is amplified.

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