Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Cuba TODAY: October 6-2021


    Today in Havana this Grandmother has been crying all day...and not because of either the genocidal U. S. Blockade or the COVID-19 Pandemic. She is crying because today -- October 6th-2021 -- is the 45th Anniversary of a Day that will forever remain a DAY of INFAMY in Cuba. And so today...this actual Grandmother is crying in Havana as she still mourns the teenage son that was murdered on October 6th-1976 by well-known Cubans well-protected by and well-paid by the U. S. government during its ever-lasting efforts to overthrow Revolutionary Cuba.
     While Americans are programmed not to care, for the past 45 years the moment and date above has been seared in the memories of Cubans on the island each second since 12:23 PM on October 6-1976. That was the moment and the date that the civilian Cubana Flight 455 airplane was blown into the ocean by a terrorist bomb...killing all 72 innocent people on board, including two dozen teenage athletes who were returning to Havana after winning Gold Medals in a Central American Tournament in Caracas, Venezuela. ACCORDING TO DE-CLASSFIED U. S. DOCUMENTS BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER THE DISASTER, the U. S. had the names of the well-known Cuban terrorists who had planned and executed the event.
    Today -- October 6th-2021 -- this photo shows Cubans in Havana remembering their loved ones murdered on this day exactly 45 years ago by Counter Revolutionary U. S. Cubans.
     On October 6th-1976 this historic photo shows a sister and a mother who were waiting at the Havana Airport for the return of their brother and son on CUBAN FLIGHT 455. The moment depicted above shows the moment the sister and mother were officially told that the airplane had crashed into the ocean and that there were no survivors.
     Every day that has passed since October 6th-2021 sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, and grandparents on the island have paid homage and tears on behalf of the precious victims of the terrorist bombing of Cubana Flight 455. But for all the while since October 6th-1976 Americans have been told that such victims were merely "collarateral DAMAGE" as Luis Posada Carriles once famously said in a NY Times interview. Posada and Orlando Bosch, were the two most famed Cuban terrorists mentioned by those de-classified U. S. documents related to the bombing of Cubana Flight 455. But for decades both Posada and Bosch proudly used their ties to Little Havana/Miami and the U. S. government to commit countless Counter Revolutionary terror against Revolutionary Cuba...and both Posada and Bosch didn't mind bragging about such events.
     Of course, both Bosch & Posada lived out long and heralded lives before dying of old age in South Florida as cherished Little Havana/Miami heroes.
  Many declassified U. S. documents chronicle the terrorism committed by Posada, Bosch, etc. against innocent Cubans for decades,  such as shown above.
     So, of course, have brave non-U. S. media sources such as the great London-based BBC, as shown above.
      But, tuh...this montage above shows Luis Posada Carriles being interviewed by Maria Elvira Salazar. In the history of the Miami media, Salazar is the most famous and most notable Spanish journalist. Her long softball interview with Posada depicted above is still easily accessed on YouTube.
   As of January of 2021, Maria Elvira Salazar became the latest Little Havana-propelled member of the United States Congress. Of course, getting your Cuban information from Little Havana politicians and journalists like Congresswoman Salazar is, uh, problematic to say the least.
    But the truth is, every day of every year since 1976  -- and not JUST on October 6th-2021 -- Cubans on the island have mourned "The victims of the terrorist Posada Carriles & the CIA."
     Of course, that Cuban mother shown above surrounded by her friends and relatives in Havana, to this day is devastated for her son and the other victims of CUBANA FLIGHT 455 way back on October 6th-1976, exactly 45 years ago. In Miami courtrooms there have been millions of dollars doled out to Cubans who have been able to sue Cuba for whatever they want to sue Cuba for, with Cuba, of course, never even represented. I wonder IF someone like that mother in Havana shown above could ever sue in a U. S. courtroom for the death of her son on CUBANA FLIGHT 455??
Posada a Miami hero.
A sister & mother in Havana.
October 6, 1976.
A Day of Infamy for Cuba.
But not for the United States.

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