The Vast Anti-Cuba Cottage Industry

 From Miami, Havana, and Worldwide!!

    Since January of 1959 a vicious and well-funded Cottage Industry has existed in Miami and elsewhere designed to sanitize the ousted Mafia-riddled Batista THIEVERY and BRUTALITY in Cuba while also, of course, VILIFYING and EVISERATING everything the Cuban Revolution has done in the past 6+ decades. Such well-heeled and unending propaganda daily filters out to the world via the Internet and by powerful sources such as 14ymedio and Ciber Cuba News, both of which utilize Counter Revolutionary "journalists" headquartered in Havana with enormous clout despite their sheer and extreme anti-Cuban bias, which also paints a totally distorted version of Batista's Cuba that was, in fact, powerfully backed by the Mafia and by the United States. From Havana, Yoani Sanchez obviously has the best financial backing as well as the most political clout in Washington. So Yoani Sanchez's 14ymedio digital newspaper operation and her vast Social Media following best epitomizes the lucrative and vicious anti-Cuban Cottage Industry, even more than entities such as Miami's luscious Radio-TV Marti operation that has been LUSHLY financed by tax-dollars for the past three decades, with no end IN SIGHT!!!
        Today...on Sunday, October 17, 2021...the image posted above is typical of the anti-Cuban propaganda that Yoani Sanchez dispenses from Havana daily via her 14ymedio operation as well as her ubiquitous Social Media accounts. Yoani's photo above flashed around the world today showing a Cuban man's underwear replete with holes and she calls it "the face of the crisis in Cuba" and "there is no one who undresses in Cuba." OF COURSE...even juvenile, mocking, and insanely biased propaganda is effective when it is promoted excessively by ultra-rich and ultra-powerful sources.
      And, for sure, Yoani Sanchez is blessed with a lot of ultra-rich and ultra-powerful supporters in the United States -- including the two Cuban-American U. S. Senators who have dictated first the Trump administration's and now the Biden administration's lucrative but genocidal Cuban politics and policies. In the USA's two-party political system, the Republican Marco Rubio and the Democrat Bob Menendez have had no trouble dictating Cuban policies in the past five years as first presidents Trump and then Biden have expanded the cruel six-decade Embargo into an even crueler Blockade. Of course, Americans are programmed not to believe that...or at least not to DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! But, for  sure, Yoani Sanchez knowns all about it and also does SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

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