STILL Overthrowing Castro

With Unlimited Tax Dollars!!
       If you are an anti-Castro zealot in Miami, like Carmen Sesin, and also happen to be a free-lance broadcast journalist, the politically correct and extremely biased U. S. propaganda networks will make you very rich, very quick. Yesterday -- Sept. 13-2016 -- NBC-TV blared a massive report by Ms. Sesin entitled: "Conference Pushes for Cuba to Move Forward, Expand Internet Freedom." This was her introductory first paragraph: "Cuba must enter the 21st century: that is the message at the first Cuba Internet Freedom Conference held Monday and Tuesday in Miami by the U.S.-funded Office of Cuba Broadcasting {OCB}." 
     Carmen Sesin used NBC-TV and images like this to illustrate her latest Let's Overthrow Fidel Castro Tactic. Such tactics, of course, have been a daily occurrence -- at extreme expense to U. S. taxpayers -- since 1959, the year the Cuban Revolution booted the Batista-Mafia dictatorship off the island -- mostly to nearby Miami. The latest anti-Castro extravaganza in Miami, as Ms. Sesin pointed out, was organized and sponsored by The Office of Cuba Broadcast, also known as Radio-TV Marti. It operates from plush, state-of-the-art studios in Miami. Most informed, unbiased and un-intimidated observers consider it nothing more, nothing less than an anti-Castro propaganda machine. Moreover, it is also known as The Broadcast to Nowhere because Cuba easily blocks it and everyday Cubans, who have lived all their lives on the island with the now 90-year-old Castro, would pay little, if any, attention to it anyway. So why does it exist? It provides a financial pipeline from Washington to Miami. That's a start. Almost two decades ago, ABC-TV News famously broadcast a report entitled "Broadcast to Nowhere" about Cuba easily blocking the propaganda from Miami but also documenting that unwitting tax-payers were paying hundreds of millions of dollars to fund Radio-Marti. That was almost two decades ago. Now consider the additional hundreds of millions of tax dollars still flowing in that wide-open Washington-to-Miami pipeline for Radio-TV Marti. Is it really to send anti-Castro propaganda or is it just an excuse to send more money to anti-Castro zealots
       The latest anti-Castro extravaganza in Miami -- as reported yesterday by NBC News/Carmen Sesin -- was yet another tax-sapping enterprise conducted by the lavish Radio-TV Marti operation. Apparently taking a cue from the success social media had in the Arab Spring uprisings, the extreme Miami focus relating to expanding the social media in Cuba seems to be saying: "Hey, folks, LISTEN UP. For over half-a-century we've had the backing of the U. S. Treasury, the U. S. CIA, the U. S. Government, the U. S. Military, the U. S. Mafia AND the apathy of the American people AND GUESS WHAT? We still haven't been able since 1959 to overthrow one man on one nearby island. But Fidel is now 90-years-old and supposedly REAL SICK so if we can actually get our tax-funded propaganda machines on the island itself instead of just in Miami...HELL, we can overthrow Fidel within two or three weeks!! So that's why we're gathered here today. And thanks for coming."
      This scene -- earlier highlighted by NBC News & Carmen Sesin -- was in front of the iconic Versailles Restaurant in the heart of Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. It was a fierce demonstration against President Obama, denouncing his peaceful overtures to Cuba and calling America's decent two-term President a "COWARD" while one demonstrator, as you can see, waves a Cuban flag across the street.
        It makes me wonder if NBC or Carmen Sesin would ever give any coverage to, say, Hugo Cancio. Hugo is a prominent Cuban-American businessman in Miami. He frequently visits the island. He complains that the anti-Obama demonstrators, Miami's elected officials, Miami's elected representatives to the U. S. Congress, etc., "do not represent the majority of moderate Cuban-Americans like me." So why can't moderates like Hugo Cancio in Miami get elected or at least get covered by the mainstream media?   
       Americans unfamiliar with top, unbiased Cuban experts, like Julia Sweig, do not have a clue when it comes to answering or deciphering questions related to Cuba. That's because the Cuban narrative in the United States, beginning in 1952, has been dictated by Batista supporters in Washington and Miami.
       In her seminal book -- "CUBA: What Everyone Needs To Know" -- Julia Sweig did the best job of documenting how the most visceral anti-Castro Cuban-Americans gained absolute control of America's Cuban policy. She explained that back in the 1980s the Reagan-Bush administration anointed Jorge Mas Canosa the leader of the Cubans-in-exile. And, quite significantly, she documented that Mas Canosa was advised to study AIPAC and then replicate it. AIPAC is the ultra-powerful Israeli lobby that politicians oppose only at their peril. Mas Canosa followed that sage advice and created CANF, the Cuban lobby. He then founded such lavishly funded enterprises as the aforementioned Radio-TV Marti and powerfully initiated or backed such incredibly powerful anti-Castro/pro-Cuban exile laws as Torricelli, Helms-Burton, the Cuban-Adjustment Act, Wet Foot/Dry Foot, etc., etc. etc. That's why to this day pipelines of tax dollars flow to Miami and to lavishly support a myriad of Cuban regime-change laws; why everyday Americans are the only people in the world without the freedom to go to Cuba; why Cubans are the only people in the world with discriminatory U. S. laws that provide them special financial, residence and citizenship privileges the second they touch U. S. soil, etc. The AIPAC-CANF nexus, as expertly documented in the above Julia Sweig book, explains all that, facts that American tax-payers and citizens apparently should not know.
Mas Canosa informing President Ronald Reagan. 
But the Mas Canosa nexus to the Bush dynasty was the key.
Mas Canosa {black suit} awaits his souvenir pen from Bush #1.
Mas Canosa also easily controlled Democratic Presidents.
President Clinton reluctantly signed Helms-Burton into law.
To this day, it codifies America's anti-Castro vengeance.
       Shortly after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1, 1959, the most visceral anti-Castro zealots -- including Jorge Mas Canosa {above}, Luis Posada Carriles, Felix Rodriguez, etc. -- were sent to the then-secretive Army of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia to train -- at great expense to tax-payers and democracy -- for the recapture of Cuba. As noted above, it was at Fort Benning that Brigade 2506, which attacked Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April of 1961, was formed. From Fort Benning and the Bush nexus, Mas Canosa emerged as a billionaire and as easily the all-time most powerful Cuban-American.
        Fidel Castro is now 90-years-old. Neither he nor Revolutionary Cuba are likely to be overthrown...at least not in the next few weeks. That's amazing. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. In 1959 the lushly funded, and secretive, Army of the Americas at Fort Benning launched operations to quickly assassinate or overthrow Castro. When all that failed, the CIA, the U. S. Treasury, the U. S. military, and the Mafia all in concert tried to do the job. All that failed too. So did the embargo that began in 1962 and exists to this day, an embargo that surely would have long-ago doomed almost all much-larger nations. And perhaps most incredibly of all, an unending stream of anti-Castro laws easily enacted by the U. S. Congress without a whit of hindrance from the U. S. citizens {regardless of how undemocratic or discriminatory they arehave enriched and empowered a lot of Cuban-Americans but failed in supposedly their first objective -- which was and is to eliminate Fidel Castro. AMAZING. Yet, as mentioned at the top of this essay, down in Miami the rich and powerful anti-Castro zealots this week launched yet another "Let's overthrow Fidel" enterprise, one that soaks the already soaked U. S. tax-payers who appear either too stupid or too intimidated to object.
       Cuba's petite doctor's daughter, Celia Sanchez, deserves most of the credit for kicking the Batistianos off the island, all the way to Miami, AND for keeping them off for all these many decades. She even crafted the best quotation related to how she did it: "We rebels...get far too much credit for winning the Revolution. Our enemies deserve most of the credit, for being greedy cowards and idiots." CELIA, WHAT A WOMAN!!

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