Saturday, December 11, 2021

U.S. Media's Cuban Propaganda


     Today is December 11-2021 and above are the Top Stories in the U. S. media pertaining to Cuba. The Wall Street Journal blames Cuba for all of Venezuela's problems; the Miami Herald tells us that all of the "big names in literature and the arts" -- such as Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, etc. -- are damning Cuba for jailing dissidents; the Voice of America in an article from Madrid tells its worldwide audience, including many vicious photos, that Cuba is to be blamed for the beating a female Cuban Journalist received from "masked men."; and the Associated Press headlines the news that a Cuban family is welcome in "distant Serbia" and implies that all Cubans on the island are obsessed with leaving the island forever. So today the four headlines above are typical of the news about Cuba that saturates the U. S. media on a daily basis. Of course, that would also be true if...on the same DAY...the rest of the world's media would be confirming that...say...Cuba's renowned medical scientists had just found the cure for cancer and the COVID-19. FOR EXAMPLE:
    On this second weekend in December-2021 above is the top international headline related to Cuba!! It is written by Michael Head, one of the world's greatest medical writers and experts. His article, as I will show, documents the amazing fact that Cuba's renowned medical scientists have developed two exceptionally effective COVID-19 vaccines. Of course, because it is a positive reflection on Cuba, the vast and lucrative anti-Cuban industry and media in the U. S. remains either unable or UNWILLING to report such positive revelations about Cuba.
     But of course, this weekend or any day of the week if you want to absorb the latest diatribe against Cuba by typical anti-Cuban U. S. "journalists" such as Nora Gamez Torres, then by all means do so. The Miami Herald says she studied journalism in Havana and London and is their top Cuba/Latin America Journalist. Wonderful!!
      But on the other hand, if you want to read or study a decent article about Cuba depend on a great writer and expert such as Dr. Michael Head, who is interviewed by great news organizations such as the London-based BBC. He is a Professor at the University of Southampton and is a worldwide expert for Global Health. The U. S. media won't mention his long and important article about Cuba today but multiple non-U.S. international media have latched onto it.
     There are 13 million Cubans on the island who are ecstatic that Cuba's renowned medical scientists have developed two vaccines -- Abdala and Soberana 2 -- that have drastically curtailed what had been a deadly assault from the COVID-19 pandemic. The U. S. media, of course, is concerned only with reporting about Cuban negatives and dissidents, but many great international journalists such as Dr. Michael Head are excited about how important the homegrown Cuban vaccines against COVID are for Cubans in Cuba and for people in other nations. Dr. Head explained that people in other nations are surprised that Cuba has such vaccines "But not Cubans in Cuba who expect such things."
     As shown above, a great journalist and a great medical expert in England, such as Dr. Michael Head, is permitted to write the truth about an amazing positive for Cuba regarding its own vaccines, such as: "Cuba's vaccine efforts have maintained a relatively low profile in the West to date. Politics may well be a reason. The US embargo against Cuba that began in the cold war is still in effect, and tensions between the countries remain high. But for those familiar with Cuba, its COVID-19 vaccine development should come as no surprise -- the country has a long history of manufacturing its own vaccines and medicines. Nor should it be surprising that two of its COVID-19 vaccines -- Abdala and Soberana 02 -- appear to have performed very well in trials." And those vaccines have indeed reduced COVID-19 deaths to ZERO IN RECENT DAYS FROM HUNDREDS A DAY PREVIOUSLY.
    Just as the world banking system eliminates Cuba to appease Miami/USA, other organizations such as the World Health Organization and many other nations are influenced by U. S. dollars to punish Cuba and Cubans on the island as Cubans in Miami and in Congress get richer and more powerful. Yet, as the great Dr. Michael Head reports above, Cuban vaccines could, if permitted, save more lives around the world...including the United States.
    Many Americans, including great doctors such as Dr. Candace Johnson, have been punished by the USA's Cuban policies since 1959 that have been designed to only benefit a handful of Cubans in Miami and in Washington. Cuba has developed beneficial vaccines and treatments for hepatitis, meningitis, typhoid, anti-amputation diabetic diseases, cancer, etc. Many Americans have faced severe penalties because, on their doctor's advice, they flew to Cuba to get vaccines or treatments that they and their doctors believed they needed. Dr. Candace Johnson, the renowned cancer expert and the President & CEO of the famed Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer in Buffalo-NY, has been to Cuba and gotten to know some of the island's top medical scientists. As the bio of Dr. Johnson above shows, she has gone to Cuba to study a particular Cuban vaccine for lung cancer that she believes will help her own patients.
    In Wisconsin Mick Phillips was dying from lung cancer when, with the advice of his well-known cancer doctors, he repeatedly flew to Cuba to get treatment from Cuba's CIMAvax vaccine and returned home each time with a supply of the pills. Each time his family and his famed doctor, Dr. Augustine Lage, knew he was breaking the USA's stringent Embargo Laws but they still encouraged him to go to Cuba for help.
     And today -- December 11th-2021 -- Dr. Michael Head, the famed University of Southampton and Global Health expert, published a widely distributed update on the latest miracle by Cuba's medical scientists who have developed two vaccines that appear to produce high efficacy against COVID-19. The London-based BCC and other respected international media not afraid of the USA's and Little Havana's Cuban laws, actually reported on Dr. Michael Head's important article.


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