Tuesday, December 21, 2021

To Leave OR Stay in Cuba


     As this blazing headline heading up to Christmas-2021 attests, Patrick Oppmann at CNN, like other mainstream journalists assigned to report on Cuba, are always obliged to only tell negative stories about the island...and only stories that appear to be first approved by Little Havana Cubans who rule Miami. In this huge report Oppmann reminds us that all of the 11.2 million Cubans on the island yearn to bolt across the Florida Straits to partake in the ultra-Wealth and the other ultra-Democratic rewards endemic to Miami. Indeed, many get-rich Cubans in Cuba want to get to Miami-USA -- as do a billion+ other get-rich citizens of other nations. Also, propagandist-styled U. S. journalists such as Patrick Oppmann could report on the many young, well-educated, ambitious Cubans that are leaving the island for myriad reasons, especially to Spain these days. So, if Oppmann is not allowed to discuss that phenomenon, permit me to discuss it.
  For example, this is Liliana Guerra Abad preparing to celebrate Navidad/Christmas-2021 in Vigo, Spain. Liliana graduated from the Journalism School at the University of Camaguey in Cuba. All Cubans...at least since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959...are provided totally free educations through college. In areas such as Journalism and Medicine, Cuba thus is overrun with a plethora of well-educated Journalists, Doctors, etc. Starting in her early 20s, Liliana was a talented reporter/anchor on television news programs in Cuba. Now she does the same job in Spain...but she still loves Cuba.
    After graduating from the School of Journalism at the University of Havana, Armando Cala quickly became a talented reporter/anchor on television news programs in Cuba. Now Armando is one of the most ubiquitous celebrities in Madrid, Spain, as a journalist, as a business student seeking his Masters Degree, and as a male model of expensive clothing. And, yes, Armando still loves Cuba...and he epitomizes why many Cubans leave Cuba, which are often reasons other than hating the Revolution.
    The tumultuous relationship between Cuba and the United States from 1492, 1776, 1898, 1952, and 1959 especially includes things such as the Mariel Boat Lift. Several times Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro helped Cubans who wanted to leave for Miami leave FOR MIAMI. Fidel Castro especially suggested that any Cuba being paid by the U. S. or just "lovers" of the U. S. should go to the U. S. with Fidel's help. And OH YES, Fidel made sure that he could empty his prisons and jails by sending his known criminals to Miami!! One of those times was from April 15th till April 30th in 1980 when Castro told Cubans who wanted to leave for Miami to go to the Mariel Port that is 28 miles southwest of Havana. During that time some 125,000 Cubans and about 25,000 Haitians took Castro's advice. Of course, Americans since 1980 have basically not been told the true history of the Mariel Boat Lift. But, perhaps, the great Hollywood producer/screen writer Oliver Stone remembered the truth of the Mariel Boat Lift in his famed movie "Scarface."
    All-time Hollywood greats such as producer Martin Bregman, director Brian De Palma, and screenwriter Oliver Stone were responsible for "Scarface" and it is still popular in 2021. The movie begins with a real black-&-white video of Cubans that Fidel didn't want arriving in Miami as a part of the Mariel Boat Lift in April of 1980. The movie then zeroes in on Tony Montana as the fictional Cuban who ravaged Miami as the USA's vicious Drug Kingpin.
    In the legendary movie Scarface, actor Al Pacino played Tony Montana as the Cuban who took over the deadly drug trade in Miami. Above is how Wikipedia's long depiction of Tony Montana's character ravaged Miami but...as also explained in the famed and great documentary "Cocaine Cowboys"...the drug trade in Miami WAS VERY INSTRUMENTAL IN "CREATING MIAMI'S LUSCIOUS, MAGNIFICENT SKYLINE."
     And one more comment about the April-1980 Mariel Boat Lift. Yes, Fidel Castro considered that he had succeeded in his quest to largely empty his prisons and jails by helping many of his expensive criminals get to Miami-USA.
    Indeed, in 1959 Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution drastically changed Cuba forever. But, it also drastically and uniquely changed the United States of America forever!!

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