Friday, December 17, 2021

Cuba to be Invaded by Florida???


    "Starting in January 2022 American Airlines will have four daily Miami-Havana flights." As shown above, those flights start at 8:00 am; 9:45 am; 10:34 am; and 3:15 am.
     In the second line above: "The AA website also advertises other flights originating from different points of the Union to Havana, including New York, Tampa, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, San Francisco. In the third line above: "It was recently learned that Southwest Airlines will reactivate its daily Fort Lauderdale/Havana flights as of February 17."
     The U. S. is not permitted, it seems, to ever mention the opinions of non-dissident Cubans on the island but, in truth, they are opinionated, smart, well-educated, and active on Social Media: "Wow!! Since our own scientists have conquered the COVID pandemic, we are now accustomed to seeing Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Argentinian, Canadian, Mexican and many other airplanes bringing tourists to our island. But reading online about American, Southwest, and those other major U. S. airlines scheduling all their flights to Cuba is...well, a little worrisome. The Trump-Biden rule in Washington is bent on starving us into submission, so I wonder if maybe we are about to be invaded instead of visited by all those U. S. airplane landings. I sure as hell don't trust Rubio and Menendez as far I could toss them. Cuban women are mothers and patriots who equate Miami and Washington with the Bay of Pigs. We are ready."

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