Thursday, December 2, 2021

SHUT UP if you oppose Cuban genocide

 "We must recapture Cuba NOW!!"

"We are the  GOOD guys and they are the BAD guys"

    The image above that was on national television today in Cuba -- December 2nd-2021 -- shows that Revolutionary Cuba is still alive and celebrating this very day 65 DAYS AGO when Fidel Castro and 81 other rebels arrived back in Cuba FROM MEXICO on the Yacht named Gramma to resume a do-or-die revolution to defeat the U.S.-backed and Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. 

        Also today -- on December 2nd-2021, exactly 65 years after the old Yacht that Fidel Castro bought in Mexico -- the United States and the latest generation of Batistianos in Miami and in Congress are trying desperately to re-capture Cuba, even as they steadily get richer and more powerful from just doing so!! Blistering military and terrorist attacks have failed to derail the Cuban Revolution and neither has history's longest and cruelest Embargo/Blockade ever imposed on a small nation by a much-larger nation.
     In the USA's money-crazed/two-Party political system, Republican presidents such as Donald Trump have always been obsessed, economically & politically, with recapturing Cuba everyday since 1959. But the only other Party, the Democratic Party under President Joe Bidensince January of 2021 has also been obsessed, economically & politically, with recapturing Cuba!!
    As an example of the USA's obsession to recapture Cuba in 2021, notice the Tweet above on the last day of November-2021 by Biden's top official, Secretary of State Antony Blinken. On a day -- Nov. 30-2021 -- some people might have believed that Blinken might have been concerned with key threats to the U. S. such as China threatening U.S. ally Taiwan, Russia threatening U. S. ally Ukraine, the U.S.'s southern border apparently controlled by Mexican cartels making fortunes taking foreigners into Texas and Arizona, etc., etc. But, as with the Tweet above, it appears Blinken thinks the U.S.'s biggest threat in 2021 is in not overthrowing Cuba's government.

    Beginning in March of 2020 the Trump administration in Washington tried to take full advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba to finally overthrow the pugnacious Revolution, but the internationally pertinent image by Brazilian Carlos LaTuff revealed to the world that Trump's belief that the greatly tightened EMBARGO coupled with COVID-19 would surely doom Cuba's Revolution, but that hasn't happened either. Yet, now in December of 2021 the Biden obsession to recapture Cuba seems to be equal to Trump's!!!
    As the two historic quotes above from Thomas Jefferson in 1817 and 1823 reveal, the United States has been obsessed with OWNING Cuba starting way back when the GREAT FOUNDING FATHERS were still shaping their adventure in creating a Democracy.
     It was 1898 when the United States greedily decided it was powerful enough to easily capture Cuba from Spain, and thus concocting the SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR was a no-brainer.
       And make no mistake about it, no one can deny that excessive greed was the USA's reason for hungrily concocting the 1898 SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR to capture Cuba.
       And make no mistake about it, from April 21-1898 -- the day the short & easy SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR began -- until this very day, December 2nd-2021 -- excessive greed has fueled the USA's policies regarding Cuba, especially since January 1-1959 when the Cuban Revolution booted the U.S.-backed Batista dictatorship out of Havana to Little Havana in Miami.
    The causes of the Spanish-American War and other aspects of U. S. relations with Cuba have always centered around the USA's everlasting hunger to dominate the Caribbean's largest and most beautiful island; and that especially explains why the U. S. permitted brutality and poverty for everyday Cubans even as the Batistianos, the Mafia kingpins, and rich U. S. busninessmen were raping and robbing the plush island blind!!
     It was both stupid & greedy for the U. S. to allow everyday children and women on the island to be without any form of decent schooling or healthcare in Batista's Cuba in the 1950s, while U. S. companies were partaking wildly in the lucrative spoils.
     And it was both stupid and greedy when the U. S. didn't try to do something about scenes like the one above and instead left it to the Cuban Revolution to stop it. In an attempt to warn Cuban mothers not to object what was happening in Batista's Cuba in the 1950s, the Batista goons routinely murdered children to send morbid messages to make the mothers comply. But Cuban mothers like Little Willie Soler's mother, in the light jacket above, bravely conducted anti-Batista marches like the one above. The lack of schooling, lack of healthcare, and the murders of children led to the revolution that ended such Batista terror on January 1, 1959.
    In Havana on December 2nd-2021 this is the William Soler Children's Hospital, which is named for Little Willie Soler.
     This is Dr. Susett Gonzalez, who daily saves the lives of Cuban children at the William Soler Children's Hospital in Havana today.
    A month ago Dr. Susett Gonzalez's own son Roman had his 2nd birthday. Susett is a great person, a great children's doctor, and a great mother. As a Democracy-loving American, I am ashamed that the U. S. media is unwilling or unable to mention the greatness of Cubans on the island such as Susett while making sure to tell Americans how great Batista's Cuba was and how great Miami Cubans are as they orchestrate, decade-to-decade-to-decade-ATER-decade the U. S. Embargo/Blockade against Cubans like Susett and Roman while the Miami Cubans grow richer and powerful on nearby U. S. soil. {Disclosure: I know Dr. Susett Gonzalez}.
   Perhaps the greatest enemy harming decent Cubans like Dr. Susett Gonzalez and her son Roman is the shocking decline of the mainstream U. S. media, as epitomized by unchecked and well-funded Counter Revolutionary journalists such as Cuba-born Fabiola Santiago at the Miami Herald; Carmen Sesin at NBC News, etc., etc. 
     While Cuba involves only a microcosm of the mainstream U. S. media's propaganda, getting away with Cuban propaganda pioneered other areas of propaganda for the U. S. media.
        As illustrated above by Cuban propaganda in the last few days by the Miami Herald and NBC News, the mainstream media seems obsessed with promoting Cuban dissidents and the emergence of only Counter Revolutionaries such as Juan Gonzalez in charge of Cuban policies within the bowels of the U. S. government. Juan Gonzalez is President Biden's Chief National Security Advisor for the Western Hemisphere...seemingly because Cuba is in the Western Hemisphere and because Biden was/is obliged to appoint only anti-Cuban zealots in areas they can do the most harm to Cubans on the island and the most good to Cubans in Miami.


     It is grossly injurious to both innocent Cubans and to America's democracy, I believe, that only extreme anti-Cuban officials like Senator Marco Rubio and the USA's Western Hemisphere Chief Juan Gonzalez are allowed to dictate America's Cuban policies...and I am totally sure that most Cubans even in Miami don't APPOVE OF GENOCIDE AGAINST CUBAN CHILDREN ON THE ISLAND -- such as Dr. Susett Gonzalez's son Roman -- REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH MONEY THE PROCESS MEANS FOR BENEFACTORS.
     On the world stage, especially since Columbus in 1492 proclaimed Cuba the most beautiful land he had ever seen, and especially since the United States in 1898 concocted the Spanish-American War, Cuba has been forced to punch far above its weight and size to avoid the globe's most hungry powers. In the process, I believe it is has changed the United States more than it has changed Cuba itself.

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