Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Cuba Will Survive the Winter of 2021-22!!!


    Contrary to what Americans are told everyday, most Cubans on the island strongly support their President, Miguel Diaz-Canel. And they know him well because, before he became President in 2018, he was the island's very popular Education Minister. He is skilled at using state television news channels and his strolls out on the streets to communicate with the people. Above, that is President Diaz-Canel speaking on national TV today -- December 8th-2021. An optimistic person, he predicted again today that Cuba and the Revolution will survive the U. S. Blockade, the COVID Pandemic, and the "foreign-funded dissidents who thrive among us."
   Regarding the "bloqueo" today, Diaz-Canel said, "After the Bay of Pigs attack, assassinations, and deadly terror attacks from Miami and the U. S. had failed to dislodge our Revolution, I was a baby when the U. S. tried to starve us with its Embargo in 1962. In the last five years the Trump and Biden administrations have expanded the Embargo into a genocidal Blockade...along with highly funded coups led by selected dissidents. But because of great Cubans such as those watching me today, we have and we will survive everything and anything that Miami and Washington throws at us."
     Today, as usual, President Diaz-Canel spent a long time talking about "nino nuestro"/"our children" and the "vacuna"/"vaccines" that he said are "miraculously saving their lives, as the mothers who are listening to me now well know. We owe that to the doctors, nurses, and scientists who are diligently administering those vaccines and, as always, we owe thanks to Fidel for creating the scientific institutions that are still producing life-saving cancer, diabetic, COVID, and other medicines."
       Also today President Diaz-Canel told his large television audience in Cuba about the "extreme importance of Mariel to our economic survival. Despite being denial by the U. S., the Mariel Port 30 miles from Havana is by far the best deep-water port in the Caribbean and Western Hemisphere. The Economic Zone at Mariel continues to have thriving companies, especially by countries like Vietnam that is a major friend and trading partner of the U. S., especially since Vietnam won the Vietnam War against the U. S. and then became a great and unified sovereign nation."
     Today again President Diaz-Canel mentioned the fact that "as you have all seen and tolerated for the past five years...despite the blockade and then the pandemic...we have massively renovated important buildings and built some new ones. The huge cranes are a part of our landscape but these improvements are vital and will continue. The Vietnamese, Spanish, Canadian, Mexican and other companies that share in such improvements are friends of the Cuban people, and we must thank them."
    Also today, President Diaz-Canel had glowing updates regarding the vital 2021 Winter Tourism Season in Cuba. He said: "We have the best beaches in the world, surely in the Western Hemisphere. With our homegrown vaccines curbing the pandemic crisis, our cities, beaches, and hotels are welcoming tourists from nations in the region and elsewhere, from Canada to Russia to Spain to China to England, Argentina to Vietnam, and so forth." With Americans flocking to Florida's and Mexico's and non-Cuban Caribbean beaches this winter, Diaz-Canel is correct to say that Cuba has the best beaches in the world and "surely in the Western Hemisphere." International tourist experts have rated Cuba's Varadero the Best Beach in the World and in 2021 TripAdvisor rates Cuba's Cayo Santa Maria as the 2nd Best Beach in the World. Florida beaches are amassing such accolades!!!
    The IBEROJET Airline has not only just scheduled regular flights to Cuba, as shown above it has just opened a new office in Havana. Two of the world's top Hotel & Resort chains -- Iberostar and Melia, both from Spain -- have dozens of 5-star Hotels & Resorts in Cuba. And both of those giants have conducted international ad campaigns prior to Cuba's 2021-22 Winter Tourist Season, as some of photos above reveal.
    The Mexican MAGNI Airline has scheduled regular flights to Cuba from Mexico City and Cancun. Of course, Cancun is Mexico's famed tourist magnet.
     Three airlines from Canada have booked flights to Cuba because of the long-standing love by Canadian tourists for Cuban beaches.
      December-2021 is the first month that Cuba has fully opened its airports to tourism in the past two years and already 33 different airlines in December are flying to Cuba. As you can see above, that includes flights from Tampa to Havana by Southwest Airline, flights by Jet Blue from Fort Lauderdale to Havana, flights by American Airline from Miami to Havana, etc., etc.
    England's very popular Ambassador Cruise Line has just announced its booking schedule that includes the Capital of Cuba -- Havana!! England is the USA's best friend and ally. Mexico is the huge nation on the USA's southern border. Canada is the huge nation on the USA's northern border. Being brave and INDEPENDENT nations...England, Mexico, and Canada don't bow before the USA's genocidal Blockade of Cuba.
    The #One Beach in the Western Hemisphere and the #Two Beach in the Whole World, according to TripAdvisor, is the beach shown above -- CAYO SANTA MARIA. It is located on the north-central coast of Cuba...just below Florida. Please understand...Florida does not have a beach remotely rated nearly as highly as Cuban beaches such as CAYO SANTA MARIA!!!
    Except for the greedy U.S. blockade, the largest and most beautiful island-nation in the Caribbean -- Cuba -- would also be the most prosperous island-nation in the region. Back in 1952 both the U. S. and the Mafia understood that promise and exploited it ruthlessly from 1952 until the Cuban Revolution intervened on January 1, 1959. In the 1950s while supporting Batista's Cuba, the U. S. and the Mafia also supported other ruthless Caribbean dictatorships such as Trujillo's Dominican Republic. Since 1959 the U. S. and Cuban exiles have tried to starve, annihilate, and recapture Cuba...but failed. Meanwhile, to this day all other nations in the Caribbean except Cuba have enjoyed tourist and other financial support from the U. S...including, just to the southeast of Cuba, the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola. For example, 365-days of every year everyone of the 30 Major League baseball teams in the U. S. operate rich and powerful year-around baseball parks, stadiums, and practice fields in the Dominican Republic to groom baseball players...resulting in billions of easy dollars every year for the DR government. In the last two weeks in November & December of 2021 in the Bahamas, just north of Cuba, there have been extremely lucrative U. S. PGA golf tournaments and extremely lucrative U. S. college basketball tournaments in the Bahamas. If Cuba, a sports and scenic mecca, was remotely treated the way the U. S. treats the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and other nations in the Caribbean, beyond doubt Cuba would be the most prosperous nation in the Caribbean. Of course, while the quest to recapture Cuba continues unabated, Americans in December of 2021 are routinely and purposely propagandized not to believe such truths.


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