Monday, December 20, 2021

Is Cuba A Threat to the U.S.??

 Or Is Cuba Just A Potential U.S. Gravy Train?

(Like It Was Prior to the Revolution!!}

    In December of 2021 -- the United States has important problems domestically -- COVID, Inflation, a dangerous open southern border, surging crime in major cities, etc. -- and internationally -- trying to avoid wars it can't win against China over Taiwan and/or with Russia over Ukraine, etc. Yet, indications in December-2021 make it seem that the Biden government in Washington remains obsessed with claiming that Cuba is the USA's biggest threat as it continues the previous Trump administration's obsession of projecting little, Blockaded Cuba as a threat surpassing or on par with many of the real upfront threats the United States is facing. 
    The FBI notice {above} flashed the notice that "Cuba ransomware delivered via Hancitor" is even becoming a big threat to "Cybersecurity and Infrastructure" via "ransom payments," etc. 
     Cuba's veteran Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said, "It is, unfortunately, endemic to the U. S. narrative to sanitize aspects of violations made by U.S.-friendly nations while piling on even outrageous accusations against Cuba, one after the other. Back in the 1960s and 1970s the U. S. not only tolerated but supported the brutal crimes of regimes by the U.S.-backed murderous dictatorships of Batista in Cuba, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Somoza in Nicaragua, Pinochet in Chile, and so on and so on. It was and is all about rich Americans donating some of their loot to politicians in effort to have the support of the U. S. government. Students of history, and even anyone with a Google computer, can easily learn why Nixon and Kissinger backed the bloody coup that caused the death of the extremely decent and popular Democratically elected and Cuba-loving President of Chile, Salvador Allende, to install the extremely murderous 17-year reign of General Augustus Pinochet, a brutal murderous but...more importantly...U.S.-friendly dictator. If the Revolution that has governed Cuba since 1959 turned its potentially lucrative island over to U. S. businessmen and the Mafiosi, we would be caving into a U.S.-friendly posture. We choose not to do that based on the extreme brutality that the U.S.-backed Batista killers employed  -- coupled with no education and no healthcare at all for everyday Cubans -- that spawned the Revolution. Lying about that in 2021 plays well with the American people but not with this latest generation of Cubans on the island. Of course, by lying to the American people, the U. S. government and the U. S. media are not letting the American people understand why the strongest nation in the world, almost within sight of our shores, has been unable to regain dominance of this island. Maybe, around Christmastime of 2021, it is time that the American people finally asked why Revolutionary Cuba evolved in 1952 and 1953...and why it has survived for all these decades since 1959. My generation and the other generations in Cuba today remember the extreme thievery and brutality coupled with the no-education and no-healthcare for the everyday Cubans during the 1950s in the U.S.-friendly and U.S.-promoted Batista dictatorship. That answers, if the Americans should ask, why the Revolution started and why it endures today."
Everyday Cubans in Batista's Cuba!!
    Brave Cuban mothers like these took to the streets during the Revolution to protest the Batista use of assassins who murdered the children of these mothers as a warning and to try to dissuade them from objecting to what was happening to their families. Marches like these helped to galvanize the non-Batista Cubans and the non-Mafia Cubans on the island to give the support the Revolution needed to do the impossible, which was to defeat the U.S.-backed Batista-Mafia rule of the island. The Batista-Mafia memories of the 1950s have since 1959 helped sustain the Revolution.
    And photos like this one remind many Cubans in the closing days of 2021 of why they need to protect the Revolution. This sister and mother had been waiting at the airport in Havana for the arrival of their brother and son to return, along with two dozen other teenage athletes, with their Gold Medals after winning a Central American Championship in Caracas. But when this photo was taken...and it was taken on October 6th-1976...this sister and mother had just learned that Cubana Flight 455 had crashed into the ocean and there were no survivors among the 72 passengers. And this was a particularly bad year...1976...for extreme terrorism against totally innocent Cubans that, to this day, many Cubans in Cuba blame on the Bush dynasty, Miami Cubans, and the United States...the same government that puts Revolutionary Cuba on the USA's SPONSORS OF TERRORISM list.
Yes, there was terror in
 Batista's Cuba.
    And yes...there has been continued terror against Revolutionary Cuba that Cubans in Cuba blame on Miami Cubans paid for and tolerated by the U. S. government. Of course, in Miami courtrooms in which Cuba was not represented, many millions of dollars been awarded. Of course, a family in Cuba is not allowed the same such lawsuits...even if DECLASSIFIED U. S. documents {as shown above} would tend to support their cases.


     The photo above shows a crowded Mafia-owned casino in Batista's Havana in 1957. Because rich U. S. companies were also partaking in the fleecing of Cuba, the U. S. government roundly encouraged tourism to Cuba...well knowing that the Batistianos and the Mafiosi were also making gigantic hauls of those U. S. dollars via gambling, prostitution, drugs, etc., etc.

    Back in the U.S.-backed Batista rule of Cuba in the 1950s, the top-line U. S. entertainers such as Frank Sinatra lured tons of U. S. tourists to Cuba...making ultra-rich benefactors out of the Batista and Mafia dictators but also making millions of dollars for rich U. S. businessmen.
    But since the Cuban Revolution took over Cuba at 3:00 A. M. on the morning of January 1, 1959, the U. S. has tried to destroy and starve Cuba via the 1961 Bay of Pigs military attack;  the 1961-till-today Embargo/Blockade; etc., etc. One means of trying to starve Revolutionary Cuba is to try to keep tourism off the island, a tourist-loving island that...unlike in Batista's Cuba!!!...pays for guarantees of free education through college and free healthcare for life for all Cubans!!! Meanwhile, study the map above and please note that the U. S. government today massively promotes tourist dollars to the rest of the Caribbean...especially the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. Even during these Winter Days of 2021 everyone of the 30 Major League Baseball teams have built and operate year-around state-of-the-art baseball stadiums and practice facilities in the Dominican Republic, bringing billions of tourist dollars to the DR; and in the last weeks of 2021 the Bahamas has raked in billions of tourist dollars from hosting huge U. S. golf tournaments, important college basketball tournaments, business meetings, etc., etc. In other words, if Cuba was remotely treated like the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and the other Caribbean nations, I assume Cuba would be the richest nation in the Caribbean, wouldn't you?

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