Saturday, December 18, 2021

A BIG man in Cuba is MAD!!!


    At 6-feet-5 and 300 pounds, Mejain Lopez is a BIG MAN and he is MAD in Cuba this weekend {Dec. 15-2021}. He loves the Revolution and Fidel Castro's legacy, he is happy with the way homegrown vaccines have curbed the COVID-19 pandemic, he is pleased about how the government is trying to improve the economy, he is proud that the island is holding off the latest efforts from Miami and Washington to regain control of his nation, etc., etc. But Mejain is boiling mad!!!

     The legendary Mijain Lopez this year won his 4th Olympic Gold Medal in wrestling, this time in Tokyo. He has just been named Cuba's National Athlete of the Year. Yet...he didn't win Athlete of the Year in his own Province, which is Pinar del Rio.
        Above is how OnCuba News -- which is really an excellent daily source for unbiased Cuban news -- explains why Mejain Lopez is so mad this weekend...and yes it is a big deal in Cuba if he is mad!! It seems that boxer Arlen Lopez, who also won an Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo, was named the National Athlete of the Year in Pinar del Rio, the Province where both of them live. WOW!!

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