Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas Day-2021 in Cuba


     On Christmas Day-2021 the USS Milwaukee, a powerful warship, is docked at Guantanamo Bay. The U. S. Navy says the combat ship "is sitting tight in Cuba because a portion of the crew is testing positive for COVID-19. The Milwaukee deployed to 4th Fleet Waters on Dec. 15 and is at Gitmo for a scheduled visit." After the U. S. victory over Spain in the 1898 Spanish-American War the U. S. gained possession of Guantanamo Bay in 1903. It remains a military base known for its infamous prison and it includes major U. S. restaurants and other amenities...and it has existed since 1959 despite the adamant disapproval of Revolutionary Cuba, which would love to have Guantanamo Bay back!!
 Strategically located and awesomely beautiful, Guantanamo Bay belongs to Cuba but the USA has dictated ownership of it since 1903.
This is an Amnesty International photo.
     The great photographer Yamil Lage, who works for the powerful Paris-based AFP News Agency, took this photo of a couple walking past a home in Havana that is gaily decorated for Christmas-2021.
      On Christmas Day-2021 President Biden has tightened the Embargo/Blockade of Cuba that his  predecessor President Trump had already extremely tightened. It has existed since 1962.
    Meanwhile, on Christmas Day-2021 this is probably the HAPPIEST little girl in Havana and in all of the Caribbean. Mariana's dream was to have her own little puppy on Christmas and she got to select this one. She named it "Fanny." Mariana is much-loved and well-protected but, unlike all other nations in the Caribbean, only little girls in Cuba have to be protected from both the U. S. Blockade and from the COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

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