Tuesday, January 25, 2022

War-mongers Want CUBA Involved

   This photo today -- Jan. 25th-2022 -- was posted on Facebook by a mother in Havana and it is the type of Cuban photo that the U. S. media tells Americans doesn't exist. The photo was taken by a Cuban mother who is elated that her baby is pronounced as totally healthy by the young, well-trained Neonatologist who is skilled at treating babies that are known to have health problems at birth. Yes, since 1959 in Revolutionary Cuba, free healthcare and free education through college is still maintained despite such obstacles as the endless and cruel U. S. Blockade and COVID-19.
   Prior to 1959 when Batista, the Mafia, and the U. S. used Cuba as a lucrative Piggybank, the two photos above illustrated the sheer lack of concern or support for the healthcare or education of the island's non-Batista-aligned children. While that historic fact is undeniable, it is also not supposed to be known by Americans who are supposed to tolerate and fund a 6-decade embargo/blockade of the island; military and terror attacks; continuous laws designed to enrich/empower some anointed Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, Newark, and Congress; etc., etc.
    Today -- on Jan. 25th-2022 -- these are the "TOP Stories" about Cuba that Americans are supposed to absorb. As you can see in the top-left, the top headline from the Miami Herald screams: "PUTIN DISCUSSES 'STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP' WITH CUBAN LEADER AMID FEARS OF MILITARY...!!!" The Miami Herald, as usual, is doing its job not missing a chance to hope that Cuba is involved in any Ukrainian War pitting the two Nuclear Super nations, Russia & the USA, against each other with, hopefully, Cuba becoming a loser.
    Of course, the fact is...both of the two nations, Russia & China, that have the capability to contest the United States militarily have both taken advantage of the USA's extreme antagonism against Cuba. Russia's President Vladimir Putin has, in fact, discussed Ukraine with Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel. And China's President Xi Jinping has, in fact, discussed Taiwan with Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel. But that doesn't mean that Diaz-Canel wants to be involved in a War that is Unwinnable!! And, of course, if sanity prevails the U. S. should avoid any war with Russia, a military power that no one should want to fight; nor should any sane nation want to fight China, which is both an economic and military Superpower. Of course, if Diaz-Canel accepts other help from the two faraway Superpowers while the nearby Superpower is continuing a decades-old assault on his Caribbean nation, he will likely accept help that reduces the stifling effects of the U. S. Embargo/Blockade.
    Meanwhile, as the world awaits what appears to be a Russian invasion to reclaim Ukraine on its western border, will there be enough allies willing to try to deter it? And...if a conventional War turns into a nuclear War the whole world could be the loser. In World War II Germany double-crossed its ally Stalin and attacked Mother Russia when Hitler grossly under-estimated the Soviet Union's size, its military prowess, and its daunting fight-to-die attitude on its own soil...and thus the Nazi forces were doomed when they couldn't win before the Russian winter set in. The BBC News reminds us that Mr. Putin has calculated Russia's 2022 Winter.
    And, meanwhile, today -- Jan. 25th-2022 -- in Havana the Cuban mother who took this photo is not too concerned with what the Miami Herald says about Cuba getting involved in a US-Russian War over faraway Ukraine. That Cuban mother, at least at the moment, is just elated that the skilled Neonatologist hoisting her once-sick baby aloft has just told the mother, "Your baby is now totally healthy!!!!"

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