Friday, January 28, 2022

Cuba on January 28-2022


     Today -- on Jan. 28th-2022 -- Cubans on the island were wildly celebrating what would have been the 169th BIRTHDAY of Independence Hero Jose Marti, as the photo above shows President Diaz-Canel leading the cheer for Marti.
      And meanwhile on Jan. 28-2022 above are the Top stories garnering Cuban Headlines.
   But in Cuba itself Cubans today are mostly remembering the 169th Birthday of Jose Marti. Born on January 28th, 1853, in Havana, he died on May 19th, 1895, in the Battle of Dos Rios on Cuban soil fighting for Cuban independence against Spain, which had dominated Cuba since the 17th Century. Marti's heroic death failed to defeat Spain but he is still known as the Apostle of Cuban Independence who inspired other apostles of Cuban Independence, most notably Fidel Castro.
   Rich and famous as a Latin American poet/writer, Jose Marti was as famed in London, Paris, and New York as he was in Havana. But independence for his Cuban homeland compelled Marti to return to Cuba to fight and then as a brave hero to die for "PATRIA"/"HOMELAND". And that is why today -- on Jan. 28th--2022 -- Cubans on the island celebrated Jose Marti's 169th BIRTHDAY!!!
      Not only did the President of Cuba Diaz-Canel take to the streets today to celebrate the mammoth 169th anniversary of Jose Marti's birth in Havana, but across the island Newscasts, as shown above, have led their broadcasts with honors bestowed on the Independence Hero's life. Above, the caption translated to English said: "Man you are still growing on the road that you left us."
     But truth be known, the hombre...the man...that Jose Marti most inspired, Fidel Castro, remains today as the most admired hombre in Cuba. While Jose Marti died fighting Spanish soldiers in Cuba in 1895, it was in 1898 that the United States replaced Spain as the dominate power in Cuba when the U. S. easily won the Spanish-American War fought in Cuba. So, it was Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution that on Jan. 1-1959 that finally ended centuries of foreign Cuban domination by the imperative powers.
    Although Americans to this day are not supposed to study them at all, the two historic graphics above explain vividly why Fidel Castro remains both the historic and topical leader of Cuba today.
     Beloved by most Cubans in Cuba and reviled by most Americans, Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926, in the little town of Biran in far eastern Cuba. Fidel Castro died of old age at 90 in Havana on November 25th, 2016.
 Historians have tabulated that "Fidel Castro" survived "634" vicious assassination attempts to kill him, "MOSTLY BY THE CIA".
     There were attempts to kill Fidel Castro in April of 1959 when he visited Washington and New York and San Antonio a mere three months after he was being celebrated as an anti-Batista Independence Hero even in those U. S. cities. Then over the years on his visits to New York to speak at the UN, as reported by the New York newspapers, there were constant assassination attempts that actually didn't seem to faze Fidel Castro. seems that 634 assassination attempts would have been too much for even Fidel Castro, who also survived being a frontline guerrilla fighter during the Revolution in the 1950s, as the frontline leader at the 1961 U. S. Bays of Pigs attack, etc., etc.
 But through it the great Lee Lockwood explained with his great photos from has been Fidel Castro's Cuba since 1959. And, incredibly, that is still true on Jan. 28-2022 -- which is Jose Marti's 169th BIRTHDAY!! And, YES, that is true although Fidel Castro died at age 90 on November 25th, 2016.

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