Thursday, January 6, 2022

Precious BIRTHDAY in Cuba Today


    This is Gema Hernandez. Today -- Jan. 6-2022 -- is Gema's birthday. The moment she was born on Jan. 6-2015 she was and remains a historic person in the contentious relations between the United States and Cuba, comparable to Elian Gonzalez. Gema's parents, Gerardo and Ariana, also have two younger children in Havana. You may Google/research the saga about why Gema is such a historic and precious Little Girl today on her 7th BIRTHDAY in Havana. {It is riveting}.
    This is Adriana & Gerardo Hernandez in Havana will their three children. That is Gema, who turned 7-years-old today, in the middle. They are a beloved family in Cuba but one whose history perplexes Americans, especially in Little Havana/Miami.
   Nearby Cuba is no threat to the Superpower United States but faraway China is a massive threat to the United States both economically and militarily!! Did China today take advantage of the Biden administration's tightened embargo against Cuba? Today, as shown above, China & Cuba signed new accords as China "renewed support of Cuba as the United States continues to cruelly broaden its sanctions against Cuban families." Today both Cuban and Chinese television stations showed video & photos of Cuba's "Anniversary 63 of the Cuban Revolution" as new accords were signed.
   "And Beijing has sought to step in to help." {The Newsweek article above spoke cogently about China's stance regarding the U. S. embargo against Cuba}.
    Today -- Jan. 6th-2022 -- Cuba released some good news about its oil production in the El Fraile region east of the western town of Santa Cruz. The positive result is already improving the island's electricity capacity. Cuba extracts 99% of its oil in the 750-square-kilometer/60-mile radius between Havana and the Varadero Beach resort.
     Cubans on the island remain ecstatic about the efficacy of its homegrown COVID-19 vaccines but the recent influx of visitors "while keeping doors open for its economically vital tourism industry" has increased the number of positive cases. Thus "Cuba tightened border controls yesterday {Jan. 5-2022} as the Caribbean island nation moved to tamp down a growing wave of coronavirus infections."
     Meanwhile sports events and political meetings continue to involve Cuban teams flying abroad. The report above today pertains to: "Cuban delegation arrives in Buenos Aires for the Celac meeting." 
   On January 1st-2022 Cuba celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution over the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. Also, Cubans on the island are aware that the U. S. Embargo of the island is into its 60th year, and millions of Cubans are reeling because both the Trump and Biden administrations in Washington have continued to tighten the Embargo. Yet, the Revolutionary Flag...after 63 years and counting...still flies over Cuba!!!

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