Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Did Biden Lessen Cuban Blockade?

 Well...maybe...A Little!!!

    The faraway nation of Iceland begged the United States to ease its Economic Blockade against Cuba so the Icelandair airplanes like this Boeing 757-200 could make regular flights to Cuba!! Surprisingly, the Biden administration in Washington actually eased the Blockade a little bit to permit Icelandair flights to Cuba...with restrictions!!!

       As you can see above, the international Insider Business Network broke the news that includes the restrictions about how tickets can be purchased. The Icelandair flights would be numerous: "Icelandair is known for connecting North American and Europe through its home country of Iceland. But a new route could see the flag carrier from the Land of Fire and Ice take passengers between Cuba and both Florida and Texas. On January 13, the US Department of Transportation approved an application by Icelandair to fly 170 round-trip charter flights between Havana and the US cities of Miami, Orlando and Houston." WOW!!! That is a lot of flights!!
    The island nation of Cuba...with its location, its beauty, and its intrigue...punches above its size and wealth on the world stage. If permitted by its nearby Superpower, many nations around the world would like the freedom to engage with Cuba.
    This map, if you look closely, shows the Atlantic island nation of Iceland {Circled in red} and the Caribbean island nation of Cuba, which is directly below the USA state of Florida, which is home to Little Havana in Miami. Iceland, per capita, is one of the world's richest nations. And, obviously, it wants the United States to allow it to engage with Cuba. Study this map...and ask why this is happening!!
60 Years+...and Counting!!

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