Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Cuba Remembers Its Super Heroine

   Today -- on Jan. 11th-2022 -- Cuban newscasts spent much time in commemorating the ultra-important life of the island's greatest revolutionary icon Celia Sanchez. In 2004 the Counter Revolutionary George W. Bush administration in Washington allowed me to visit Cuba for the only purpose of researching why Cubans on the island verily worshipped Celia Sanchez. I returned to the USA believing that the doctor's daughter from the town of Media Luna was and is the most important figure in the Cuban Revolution that shocked the world on Jan. 1-1959 by defeating the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship!!!! She was born on May 9-1920 and died at age 59 of cancer on January 11-1980. Both her birth and her death are massively remembered each year in Revolutionary Cuba. She is cherished in vivid memories!! 

      Not only was Celia Sanchez the most important guerrilla fighter, the most important recruiter of rebels & supplies, and the most important military strategist during the Revolution, she was also the most important figure in reshaping Cuba from Jan. 1-1959 until the day she died in January 11-1980. The historic photo above taken by Lee Lockwood is indicative of that fact, which Americans are not supposed to believe. This photo illustrates the salient fact that Fidel Castro, whether or not he agreed with her decisions, never failed to support them 100%!! And today -- Jan. 11-2022 -- the new video below of Celia Sanchez's remarkable and unique life is an accurate bio of how she made history. Watch it:

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