Sunday, January 9, 2022

Cuba Tries Reviving Economy

Cuba Starts 2022 Seeking Trade Deals!!


   In the month of January-2022 Cuba is still facing New Sanctions from the Biden administration in Washington but the island has lessened the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic with the use of its own homegrown vaccines. In recent weeks major nations such as China, Bolivia, Vietnam, Chile, Russia, Argentina, and Mexico have all signed or indicated increase trade relations with Cuba. The island this month especially is hoping for more Latin American cooperation. The photo above shows the Foreign Ministers of Cuba and Argentina -- Bruno Rodriguez and Santiago Cafiero -- signing a new and important trade agreement between the two nations. It also includes a joint AGRI Food DEVELOPMENT plan at Argentina's suggestion.
   While trying hard to reaffirm friendly nations and hoping to gain more, Cuba is trying hardest to ease the U. S. Economic Blockade on the island. The YouTube video shown above stresses that point.


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