Thursday, January 13, 2022



     Today -- on Jan. 13th-2022 -- newspapers in both Japan and China re-published this article that explains why and how Cuba plans to survive its two perils...the U. S. Blockade and COVID-19. It pertains to a brilliant Cuban diplomat named Miguel Ramirez who has been Cuba's Ambassador to China and now he is Cuba's Ambassador to Japan. He is an absolute expert on the Superpower economies of both China and Japan and Miguel Ramirez is on a mission in 2022 to remake Cuba's ECONOMY in the molds of China and Japan...with an  emphasis on Japan's.

    An argument can be made that Miguel Ramirez is the most important Diplomat in the Western Hemisphere. He massively believes that the richest nation in the world, the nearby United States, is using genocidal tactics by the Trump-Biden administrations in Washington to destroy Revolutionary Cuba to appease rich & powerful Cubans in Miami and Washington. Therefore, the astute Miguel Ramirez strongly believes that Cuba must greatly expand its relations with the next two riches nations in the World -- China and Japan!!
    This photo shows Miguel Ramirez when he was Cuba's Ambassador to China shaking hands with Wang Ji on a key deal that in January of 2022 still is vital to Cuba's survival.
    But in the past year Miguel Ramirez has negotiated vital deals as Cuba's new Ambassador to Japan, as shown above.
    First as Cuba's Ambassador to China and now as Cuba's Ambassador to Japan, Miguel Ramirez seems to hold the mantle to making sure that the expanded Trump-Biden Blockade doesn't starve Revolutionary Cuba into capitulating to the stifling dictates of the Miami-Washington Counter Revolutionary extremists. For example, today is January 13th-2022 and today Cubans observing Havana Harbor observed the arrival of the latest huge gifts from Japan!!!
  Today -- Jan. 13th-2022 -- Havana received 84 more badly needed buses courtesy of Japan. Moreover, Japan...according to Ambassador Miguel also working on sending 100 more buses to Cuba this year and 800 more during the next five years. Back in 2019 China delivered 89 Yutong buses to Cuba. In other words, Miguel Ramirez believes that if the nearby economic  #1 Superpower, the USA, is determined to starve Cuba into submission, the #2 & #3 economic Superpowers -- China & Japan -- want to fill the void for Cuba and, Ramirez believes, the blockaded island would "be FOOLISH" not to take advantage of the largess from the two faraway Asian economic giants.

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