War Drums Loudly Targeting Cuba

      When its comes to the most consistent and most fiercest Counter Revolution/anti-Cuban journalists in the mainstream U. S. media, the usual suspects are chomping at the bit over the latest incident -- the prospects of a U.S.-Russia War over Ukraine -- that supposedly looms as a lovely chance to finally overthrow Revolutionary Cuba that has ruled the Caribbean island steadfastly since January 1, 1959, much to the chagrin of nearby Miami-Little Havana in Florida. Of course, one of the prime Counter Revolution/anti-Cuban journalists at the Miami Herald -- Nora Gamez Torres -- isn't about to miss a chance to suggest that little blockaded Cuba would be a major Russian ally in any USA-Russian War. WONDERFUL!!
   Above is the blistering Nora Gamez Torres/Miami Herald article this week about Cuba's leader Miguel Diaz-Canel and Russia's leader Vladimir Putin shaking hands on an agreement, uh, possibly related to Ukraine.
    This week's main Miami Herald/Nora Gamez Torres article, as shown above, ties Diaz-Canel/Cuba with Putin/Russia if the War over Ukraine becomes a reality.
    The very same day this week -- Jan. 24-2022 -- that the Nora Gamez Torres-Miami Herald article tied little Cuba to a big possible War between the U. S. and Russia, Russia sent a huge cargo airplane {above} to Havana loaded with tons of humanitarian aid for the Cuban people. It was welcome material for the Blockaded Cubans on the island. No military equipment was included.
    As you can see, the massive tons of humanitarian aid from Russia to Cuba this week consisted of tons of material such as Wheat Flower and Sunflower Oil. These, of course, are things that the people in a small nation that has been embargoed/blockaded since 1962 by a Superpower nation might need!!
    While the Russian aid to the Cuban people was still being moved off the plane via conveyer belts {above}, the Russian Ambassador Andrey Guskov stood before TV cameras in Havana and made this cogent statement: "These gifts for Cuban families are because the Russian people told the Russian government to send it to this vibrant but targeted island nation. We wish there was a world in which the American people, who are much closer to Cuba than we are, would tell the American government to stop trying to starve Cuban families to death or at least to submit to America's will. But this Russian cargo plane arrives in Cuba because that is the world we actually have, and it is a world that America both projects and lies about."
      As a Democracy-loving American, I don't accept everything that the Russian ambassador Andrey Guskov said in Havana this week. But the images above depict just some of the things targeting Cuban families that I sincerely believe Americans should be ashamed about {facts that are both true and historic}!! Denying them, I think, defames America more than it defames Cuba.
     Indeed, Cuba is not a threat to the U. S. but China and Russia are, separately, but surely even more so if Xi and Putin shake hands on a deal to go to War against the U. S. over either Taiwan or Ukraine, both nations China & Russia still claim.
   An imminent War pitting the USA's Biden against Russia's Putin would alone be an unwinnable situation for the United States and, perhaps, the whole world. France's most famed adventurer and Germany's most famed adventurer both were doomed when they underestimated Mother Russia. Hopefully, Biden is smarter than Napoleon and Hitler. Since 1955 the U. S., despite being the world's Superpower, has been unable to win long wars in places like Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc. But trying to win either a conventional or nuclear War in which the wily Putin believes he is protecting Mother Russia would be foolhardy, at least!!
    Study this world map. Note little Cuba in the circle right below Florida. And note Russia in brown. Don't blame blockaded little Cuba for taking tons of humanitarian aid from Russia this week. But you might want to blame anyone who wants to go to War with Mother Russia.
   If World War Three starts because Mother Russia doesn't want Ukraine on its eastern border to join or be protected by the NATO alliance, who would win WW3? Or to be more precise, who would lose WW3?
    As a diehard American, I surely hope that America wins WW3. But...if I was betting on it, I would have to reluctantly and unhappily make Mother Russia a 3-point-5 favorite.


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