Wednesday, January 5, 2022

U.S. Media Promotes Cuban Propaganda

While Using Cuba As a Miami Piggybank!!

   Today, on Jan. 5th-2022, the two international media giants based in London -- The Guardian and Reuters -- sent the above very fair and honest article around the world about Cuba. Such honesty & fairness regarding Cuba is nowhere to be found in the U. S. media, and not just from the Little Havana-controlled Miami Herald.
    In this first week of 2022, as has been the case since 1959, the Miami Herald and the rest of the U. S. media focuses on the USA's two Cuban priorities -- demonizing and destroying Revolutionary Cuba while loudly sanitizing the historic extremes of the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista Rule of Cuba back in the 1950s. Of course, along with starving Cubans on the island, the top priority of Little Havana seems to remain using the power of the Florida & USA governments to continue using Cuba as a Miami illustrated by the headlines above. In contrast to the U. S. media, a real Cuban article today -- January 5th, 2022 -- actually reports fairly below on an important fact about Cuba, but because it is positive the U. S. media ignores it!!
    While the U. S. media is obliged to saturate Americans with Counter Revolutionary Cuban propaganda on a daily basis, honest & fair media sources -- such as today's article sent around the world by The Guardian and Reuters -- actually reports important news regarding Cuba. While the U. S. media only quotes extreme Counter Revolutionary benefactors regarding Cuba, this international article today actually quotes an unbiased expert, English professor John Kirk, saying something amazingly positive about how Cuba, despite the endless and cruel U. S. blockade of the island: "The idea that Cuba, with only 11 million people, and limited income, could be a biotech power, might be incomprehensible for someone working at Pfizer, but for Cuba it is possible." Of course, the U. S. media adamantly demands that the American people...who are supposed to support or at least tolerate the Blockade...ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW that poor little Blockaded Cuba has produced its own efficacious COVID-19 vaccines.
    And shown by the headlines above...the U. S. media is touting another bonanza about starving Cuba while receiving yet another financial "settlement" from yet another U.S.-based company -- this time airbnb -- that had the audacity to do a little business with Cuba in violation of the USA's financial Blockade of the island. The U. S. media tells the American people such things as...the embargo since 1962, the blockade, the Bay of Pigs military attack, deadly terrorist attacks such as downing the civilian Cubana Flight 455 plane and bombing Havana hotels to discourage tourism, etc. -- is absolutely necessary and that it only hurts the mean leaders of Cuba, not everyday Cubans...and the U. S. dominance of the island is needed to save the EVERYDAY CUBAN PEOPLE just as...uh...when we supported our friendly and very nice dictator Batista prior to the Revolution.
   "If we seize Cuba we will be masters of the Caribbean." Thomas Jefferson -- the USA's most notable Founding Father and the writer of the U. S. Declaration of Independence from England -- made that quote in 1817. Since then the United States has been obsessed with conquering Cuba so "we will be the masters of the Caribbean." Actually, the U. S. used the 1898 Spanish-American War to conquer Cuba but, like Spain, the U. S., instead of making Cuba a splendid Democracy, used it as a Piggybank, especially when the U.S./Mafia teamed to support the brutal/thieving Batista dictatorship starting in 1952, a decision that spawned the Cuban Revolution that altered things on January 1, 1959!!
    From President Thomas Jefferson to President Joe Biden, only one U. S. President -- Barack Obama -- has displayed even a modicum of respect for the Cuban people on the island, while gorging the island as a tasty Piggybank for greedy U.S.-friendly Cubans and already rich Americans. In March 2016 President Obama had the unique combination of integrity and courage to fly to Cuba and make this profound promise to the Cuban people: "Cuba does not need to fear a threat from the United States."
      "Cuba does not need to fear a threat from the United States." To his everlasting credit, President Obama sincerely meant those words in March of 2016 and, immediately, Cubans on the island were given the chance by the nearby Superpower to enjoy real Embassies in both Havana and Washington and even allowed to have their own businesses so they could feed and take care of their children, unlike the pre-Obama U. S. relations.
    Immediately starting in 2016, thanks to the courage and decency of President Obama, many of Cuba's well-educated and child-loving mothers, such as Niuris Higueras and Yamina Vicenta shown above, shed the genocidal shackles of the U. S. blockade and quickly started their own businesses, mostly catering to the tourist trade that President Obama allowed them to have, such as opening their restaurants or bed & breakfasts or nice bedrooms for tourists to rent and living rooms to dine in for. And THEY least until President Obama's courageous hopes for the U. S. democracy, regarding Cuba, was scuttled by just one dictator of the USA's lucrative Cuban policies -- namely U. S. Senator Marco Rubio from Little Havana in Miami!! Even the Miami Herald...FOR GOD'S SAKE...had a major article {shown above} in which Cuban mothers-turned-entrepreneurs pleaded with Marco Rubio to let them continue the businesses that Obama allowed them to start as a viable means to support their families. But of course, Little Havana's Marco Rubio -- one man in the U. S. Congress's 535-member democratic body -- cruelly didn't bother to even listen to a word from decent Cuban mothers/entrepreneurs on the island...not even when they pleaded with Rubio in his own local newspaper, the Miami Herald, and not even 20+ of the mothers/entrepreneurs went to Washington to try to plead in person with Rubio and not even when 100+ Cuban mothers/entrepreneurs left a sweet, long letter with Rubio to let him know how much he was hurting their children back on the island.
    When one man from Little Havana/Miami -- Rubio -- can dictate and "Roll Back CUBA POLICY" that was bravely and sanely permitted by President Obama, what does that SAY ABOUT THE U. S. DEMOCRACY and WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT 340 MILLION AMERICANS WHO SIT BACK ON THEIR COWARDLY ASSES AND PERMIT IT TO HAPPEN?
    The photo above shows Niuris Higueras after she and her daughter had finished fixing tables for the U. S. tourists that President Obama in 2016 allowed them to serve as, very briefly, they were successful entrepreneurs in Havana. But after Rubio ended her business on behalf of Little Havana, Niuris and other mothers/entrepreneurs went to Miami and to Washington to beg Rubio to allow them to resume their businesses on behalf of their families on the island. Of course, Rubio hasn't even given them the courtesy of a simply reply.
   But, actually, there are many decent Cuban Americans in Miami who believe children & mothers in Cuba are more important than revenge and money. The problem is...they seem to not be the ones who can get elected to political positions. Thus, I assume Alfaro Fernandez is unelectable.
    The portrayal of Rubio shown above is by a decent and brave journalist in Miami named Alvaro Fernandez. In his courageous Progreso Weekly in Miami Alvaro published the above image of the TRUMPIFIED MARCO RUBIO. Of course, most of the other 334 million Americans don't care as much as Alvaro...about their Democracy or about innocent mothers & children in Cuba.
This is
 Alvaro Fernandez in Miami.



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