Monday, January 24, 2022

Recapturing Cuba??

 Is It, uh, A Priority For the USA??

{The American People Don't Think So!!!}

   The above view of the world, courtesy of Wikipedia, reveals what Americans are concerned about in this next-to-last week in January of 2022!! Americans are direly concerned that Russia {green} seems poised to go to war against Ukraine {red} to protect its eastern border. Not only does Russia still have a massive landmass but now it has an absolutely awesome military buttressed by an absolutely awesome Nuclear capability. So, with the U. S. poised to support Ukraine, Americans should be direly concerned with the dire possibility of a war with Russia. And DEYOND that, Americans are direly concerned with rampart inflation, Covid-19, out-of-control crime, etc., etc., etc., etc.!!!
       Of Course -- however -- the lucrative, powerful, and determined ANTI-CASTRO/ANTI-CUBA INDUSTRY in the U. S. since 1959 remains in January of 2022 determined to keep prioritizing the recapture of Cuba as America's top priority!! If you doubt that, and YOU ARE SUPPOSED to doubt it, please check the prime Cuba Headlines today in the U. S. media...and not FROM just the usually 24-hour and ubiquitous total anti-Cuban blogs/media sources, some funded by U. S. taxpayers. Unfortunately, top mainstream U. S. media sources are also relentless and vicious Counter Revolutionary proponents against Cuba...such as the relentless Mary O'Brady at the still powerful and mainstream Wall Street Journal where she is the ultra-powerful Columnist and Editorial Editor unchecked when it comes to her Anti-Cuba "Opinions."
  Today -- in late JANUARY of 2022 -- Mary O'Grady/WSJ apparently believe that President Biden's top priority should not be taking on the Russia-Ukraine/Chinese-Taiwan problems, COVID-19, crime, inflation, etc. Oh No!! Mary O'Grady/WSJ appears to think that the USA's top priority should be to "Take on Cuba" know that little, poor, nearby, embargoed, blockaded island nation in the Caribbean!! an are supposed to support the endless desire of the vast and lucrative Anti-Cuba/Anti-Revolution COTTAGE INDUSTRY, even above other priorities!! So, by all means, read the latest massive Mary O'Grady/WSJ article entitled: "Why Won't Joe Biden Take on Cuba?" FORGET UKRAINE, INFLATION, CRIME, COVID, etc.!!! Take on Cuba!!
    After the 1898 Spanish-American War, the United well as the Mafia...dominated Cuba, the largest and most beautiful nation in the Caribbean, from 1898 till 1959. But, indeed, extreme thievery and brutality spawned the Cuban Revolution that finally ended centuries of foreign and self-serving control of Cuba. For sure, Revolutionary Cuba's control of the island since 1959 has been Far From PERFECT. Yet, allowing Little Havana/Miami to regain control of Havana/Cuba is not the answer!!
Perhaps...the best answer is a handshake!!
Perhaps...the worst answer is Little Havana's!!

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