Friday, January 14, 2022

A Cuba-Russia-U.S.-Ukraine War???

 How Cuba Got Involved!!

    For many weeks many sources around the world have predicted that Russia, which has a massive and supposedly unbeatable nuclear arsenal, will be ready to go war in early 2022 unless it gets assurance from the U. S. that Ukraine will not be added to the NATO Alliance. Russia will not allow that because it says it will constitute too big a threat on its borders, one that Russia will not tolerate. The U.S.-Russian negotiations in the past 24 hours, it appears, pushed the threat of WAR closer, with the big shown above by the London-based The Guardian...suggestion that Russian could arm Cuba and Venezuela, presumably with nuclear weapons. That alone would propel Cuba & Venezuela into a war because, surely, the U. S. would not accept such a threat from Russia.
       For sure, a Nuclear War masterminded by Putin & Biden in 2022 would involve Mutual Destruction, which could victimize the rest of the world. While the USA's economic power dwarfs Russia's, the Russia military power is at least comparable to that of the other two military powers -- the U. S. and China. Biden does not need to go to war with Puden.
    Just two weeks into 2022 headlines around the world spawn echoes of The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, an historic event that history still lists as the closest the world has ever come to a nuclear holocaust. Indeed for 13 days in October of 1962 every man, woman, and child in the United well as citizens of the world...shivered at the dire prospects that the two nuclear Superpowers -- the U. S. and the Soviet Union -- were on the brink of a war because the Soviet Union had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba. In January of 2022 the chilling fact is that in 1962 the U. S. and Soviet missiles, while deadly, were minor threats compared to the destructive power of the ultra-modern missiles and their delivery systems both Russia and the USA have now.
   The map above depicts the two most notable military involvements involving the U. S. and Cuba since 1959, which was the year that the Cuban Revolution overthrew the Batista dictatorship that the U. S. and the Mafia supported. The Bay of Pigs relates to the U. S. military attack in April of 1961 designed to overthrow Castro's Revolutionary Cuba and the MRBM/IRBM Sites depicted above relate to the Cuban Missile Crises in October of 1962.
     Meanwhile, in Mid-January of 2022, headlines like the one shown above indicate that little Cuba could again be a catalyst in a nuclear confrontation between the United States and Russia, this time over Ukraine. What such headlines such as this fail to mention is this: Would Cuba...or Venezuela...have any say about Russia putting dangerous weapons in those nations? And if so, indications are that Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel...who the U. S. thinks also speaks for Venezuela...will strongly deny such attempts by Russia.
  Popular as Cuba's former Education Minister, President Miguel Diaz-Canel is convinced he now has the support of the majority of the island's 13 million people, and he believes the most notable dissidents are supported by dollars from Miami and Washington. He speaks regularly on statewide television & radio and he regularly walks the streets to speak to Cubans in person. The lady shown above asked him, "Will we ever have peaceful relations with the United States, which would mean so much to all of us?" As picked up by the microphone shown in the lower-left of the photo, he replied: "That is also my fondest hope. As long as I am your leader, I will never cease to try to make that happen...and there is nothing I will not do to try to make it happen, short of relinquishing our sovereignty that the revolution finally gave our country in 1959. The best thing for Cuba is to have the U. S. as our friend and a good trading partner, but even that is not the price of losing our sovereignty." Born in 1960, the year after the triumph of the revolution, Diaz-Canel -- during an informal meeting in a small session with some first-year teachers in Santa Clara, he ended by saying, "I believe that your generation will see peace with the United States." As he exited the room, the eleven young teachers, 7 women & 4 men, were still clapping.
    Starting with George Washington (1789-1797} and continuing with Joe Biden {2021-2022}, all 46 U. S. presidents have viewed Cuba from the patina of rich Americans exploiting Cuba in the same way thieves rob banks with guns, except regarding Cuba the U. S. government provided legalized laws, such as the Torricelli Bill, the Helms-Burton Act, etc.
   Of the 46 U. S. Presidents, only one -- #44 Barack Obama from 2009 till 2017 -- had the unique combination of courage and integrity to at least TRY to treat Cubans on the island with DECENCY. In March of 2016 President Obama went to Cuba and sincerely told the Cuban people: "Cuba Does Not Need To Fear A Threat From The United States." He meant those brave words but immediately after Obama left office on January 20th, 2017, to be followed by Trump and Biden, the U. S. democracy proved incapable of recognizing those brave words. In other words, in mid-January of 2022, the United States should be honest enough to admit: "Cuba Needs To Fear A Threat From The United States."

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