Saturday, January 22, 2022

US Media's Darnation of CUBA!!

 While IMPLYING Greatness of Batista!!

   The Gallup and other top polls in the U. S. have recently reported that most Americans now don't trust the mainstream U. S. media...especially the top networks such as NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, etc., and especially top print media giants such as the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. Of course, that is a devastating blow to the world's most famed and richest Democracy. And what Gallup and other pollsters report is particularly so when it comes to the U. S. media reporting on U.S.-Cuban relations since...way back in 1959...when the Cuban Revolution overthrew the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista dictatorship. Unable to regain control of nearby Cuba since 1959, the U. S. media has continually dammed Revolutionary Cuba while implying the greatness of the Batista regime, apparently to make sure that the U. S. people will continue tolerating the massive tax dollars designed to starve Cubans on the island while enriching Counter Revolutionary Cubans in Miami, Newark, and the U. S. Congress. In that melieu, there have been some great authors such as T. J. English and even brave Hollywood moguls such as Oliver Stone/Brian DePalma who have dared tell the truth about "How the Mob Owned Cuba...and Then Lost It to the Revolution" as T. J. English explained in his brilliant and seminal book Havana Nocturne!! And alas!! In January of 2022 we learn that Hollywood has finally decided to make a Major Movie entitled Havana Nocturne based on T. J. English's classic book!!!
    Meanwhile, if you do not get to know great journalists/authors such as T. J. English, the mainstream U. S. media will provide you a daily dose of Anti-Cuba/Pro Batista propaganda -- as you can detect from depending on the headlines today as shown above. Take, for example, the YouTube/Fox News headline above that is entitled: "Cuban immigrant gives grim warning to Americans." Of Course, if any Cuban on the island or any Cuban-American says something positive or nice about Cuba, the U. S. media is not about to report it...but if any Cuban dissident on the island or any Cuban-American in Miami or in Congress damns Cuba, the headline will be splashed across the USA and, hopefully, around the whole universe.
      Implying how great the Batista reign in Cuba was, above is how Fox News this weekend splashed "CUBAN IMMIGRANT WARNS AMERICANS AGAINST SOCIALISM" news around the nation and world, included on YouTube.
     The, uh, "Cuba News" loudly espoused above this weekend by Fox News/YouTube denounced but admitted that Revolutionary Cuba since 1959 has, uh, provided free healthcare for life and free education through college for every Cuban. Uh, sure that replaced the fact that the U.S./Mafia-backed Batista rule had basically no healthcare and had no education for everyday Cubans while their island was being robbed and raped in wholesale fashion from 1952 till dawn on Jan. 1-1959.
    Would the U. S. media admit that this was a typical photo in Batista's Cuba?
   Would the U. S. media admit that this was a typical photo in Batista's Cuba that documents how Mafia kingpins such as Meyer Lansky, along with rich U. S. businessmen, routinely and daily raked in satchels of Batista's Cuba...without bothering to toss a few crumbs to everyday Cuban families??? T. J. English in Havana Nocturne revealed how "The Mob owned Cuba...and Then Lost It to the Revolution." Now, presumably, the new movie "Havana Nocturne" will bring such facts to the Silver Screen, but don't expect the U. S. media to mention it.
    Also, of course, the U. S. media has never leveled with the American people about the cruel 6-decade-old EMBARGO against Cuba since 1962. Thus, Americans are supposed to support it, or at least tolerate it, because supposedly it is to only punish the big, mean Cuban leaders. Of course, according to de-classified U. S. documents, the purpose of the EMBARGO was/is to starve, deprive, and make miserable the Cuban people to induce them to rise up and overthrow their Revolutionary leaders. Of Course, for over six decades the EMBARGO has not induced the Cuban people to rise up and overthrow their leaders, perhaps because enough of the Cuban people, FOR ALL THESE DECADES, remember the preceding Batista years of the 1950s. This is not to say that the EMBARGO has not at all starved, deprived, and made miserable generations of Cubans on the island since 1962. But...they are, among other things, too pugnacious to capitulate to the, uh...nice EMBARGO!!
      Since 1962 Cubans on the island have somehow survived the EMBARGO administrated cruelly and relentlessly by a neighbor that happens to be the richest and strongest nation in the world. Moreover, the great Brazilian Carlos LaTuff, in the brilliant graphic shown above, has reminded the world that the Cuban people for over two years have also survived the deadly COVID-19 Pandemic. But, perhaps, the best thing Cubans have been able to do since 1959...even better than winning the 1961 Bay of Pigs military attack, etc...has being in not starving to death because of the EMBARGO. In that regard, study the three photos below that were taken today -- Jan. 22-2022 -- and posted on Facebook.
    Today Enid Remis, who is an everyday Cuban in Havana, went to the Restaurante Karma along with her husband and their three children. Enid has not allowed the EMBARGO to starve her family. On Facebook today -- Jan. 22-2022 -- Enid posted 14 photos about the nice meal she and her family had today. If you want to see her other 11 photos during the meal, you are welcome to go to her Facebook page. As you see above, Enid finished her meal with a nice cocktail. Yes, since 1962 the EMBARGO has not starved Enid...nor does Enid plan to help overthrow her Revolutionary government. If you expect her to change her mind, based on the ubiquitous headlines in the U. S. media, you should FIRST ask her instead of trusting what the U. S. media says. After all, as far as the U. S. media is concerned, Cubans on the island such as Enid are not allowed to have OPINIONS!!
And, oh yes...T. J. ENGLISH!!!
He knows both Havana and Little Havana.
Havana Nocturne!!


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