Saturday, July 8, 2017

Decent Cubans vs. U.S. Evil

Cuba's Julia vs. U.S.'s Rubio!!
        This photo, courtesy of NBC News, shows two decent, hard-working Cubans -- Sylvia Ortega and his wife Julia de la Rosa. They believe, correctly I believe, that their biggest enemy is USA's Marco Rubio.
        Now in his second term as a U. S. Senator from Miami, Marco Rubio -- obsessed with presidential ambitions -- is a prime reason America's Cuban policy currently has a 191-to-0 INTERNATIONAL condemnation as evidenced by the most recent vote in the United Nations. More significantly, the willingness and eagerness of a handful of self-serving Cuban-Americans like Rubio to hide behind the omnipotent power of the U. S. government shames America and all Americans because, to feather their own economic and political nests, Rubio-types routinely harm and punish totally innocent Cubans on the island. Of course, in the eyes and hearts of the world, this has reflected terribly for six-decades on America's democracy, yet two generations of pusillanimous Americans have cowardly and unpatriotically permitted it to happen. NOW PERMIT ME TO EXPLAIN WHY THE VERY DECENT CUBAN COUPLE -- SYLVIA AND JULIA -- CONSIDER RUBIO THEIR BIGGEST ENEMY IN THIS BIG, WIDE WORLD.
       This photo of Julia de la Rosa is courtesy of NBC News. Julia is 49-years-old. She has been punished all her life on the island of Cuba by a U. S. Cuban policy largely dictated by remnants of the vile Batista-Mafia dictatorship chased to U. S. soil by the victorious Cuban Revolution in January of 1959. But Julia caught a break when U. S. President Barack Obama became the first U. S. president since the 1950s to treat Cubans like her with decency and respect. So, thanks to Obama and new regulations imposed by her government, Julia became a very successful entrepreneur. As explained on July 7th-2017 by the Center for Democracy in the Americas, Julia "turned a mansion in disrepair into a popular bed-and-breakfast." Julia soon was renting out ten rooms daily, mostly to Americans after Obama eased the decades-old Batistiano law that made Americans the only people in the world without the freedom to visit Cuba. With her own thriving business, Julia had 17 Cubans working for her. Then on June 16-2017 Julia with trepidation watched the live broadcast of President Trump's speech in Miami, which was carried live on state television in Cuba. After listening to Trump's roll-back of Obama's decent and sane overtures to Cuba, Julia cried. Later she told Andrea Mitchell of NBC News: "With what Trump and Rubio are doing, I am afraid. I don't want to think about it. I worry about my family but I also worry about the 17 families on my payroll who need the money that I have been able to pay them." Yes, Julia and thousands of other entrepreneurs like her on the island well knew that RUBIO had been the prime instigator goading Trump into rolling back Obama's Cuban directives that had helped Julia and many hard-working Cubans like her finally see a light at the end of a dark tunnel.
      On June 16, 2017, Julia de la Rosa had watched on live television in Cuba the spectacle depicted above. With a smirking Marco Rubio peering over President Trump's right shoulder, the cowardly and Batistiano-directed U. S. President signed into law a roll-back of former President Obama's decent and sane Cuban overtures. Also with extreme cowardice, this signing was done in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood in a building named for a veteran of the shameful 1961 Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba. Inside that building, of course, was only a choir made up of self-serving Cuban-Americans and their political sycophants while outside in the streets even the Miami Herald reported that the only anti-Trump demonstrators were Miami Cuban-Americans who advocate normal relations with Cuba, and all polls in Miami reveal that the vast majority of Cuban-Americans strongly advocate such decency. Unfortunately, the majority of Cuban-Americans in Miami, and thus in the U. S. Congress, are never represented when it comes to Cuba.
      This photograph is courtesy of CNBC, America's top business network. It was used to illustrate a heart-wrenching report prior to June 16-2017 when over 100 young Cuban entrepreneurs brought a letter to Washington begging President Trump not to overturn the progress they had made on the island thanks to President Obama and the new regulations allowed by the Cuban government. To their shame, and to America's shame, President Trump -- goaded by Senator Rubio -- ignored their pleas. All the while, according to Rubio and his ilk, the young Cuban couple above are the bad guys and miscreants like him are the good guys in Miami and in the U.S. Congress.
    The emblem above was the primary symbol that the Cuban entrepreneurs took with them to Washington prior to June 16-2017 when they begged President Trump to allow them to continue to make decent careers for themselves and their families on the island -- just as President Obama had hoped, and arranged, for them to do.
The letter that begged vain.
       On Friday, July 7th, 2017, The Center for Democracy in the Americas again pinpointed Senator Marco Rubio of Miami as "the principal architect" of President Trump's latest assault on totally innocent Cubans like the hard-working and very decent Julia de la Rosa. Since 1959 two generations of cowardly and unpatriotic Americans have allowed a mere handful of indecent, self-serving Cuban-Americans like Rubio to benefit and prosper from punishing Cubans on the island like Julia even though the strong majority of Cuban-Americans even in Miami strongly disagree with that policy. Yet, it appears that only the likes of Rubio can get elected to the U. S. Congress from Miami...and therein lies the cancerous plague for America and for democracy. If the UN vote denouncing that atrocity is 191-to-0, how can Americans who allow it to happen sleep at night? Is it because their consciences have been asleep all day?? Of course, benefactors like Rubio will never be held accountable by either the U. S media or the U. S. public. And that's why, as she told NBC's Andrea Mitchell, Julia de la Rosa cried in Havana on June 16th, 2017. Decent women in a little country should not be made to cry by indecent men in a much larger country.
America's shame: a teary-eyed Julia de la Rosa.
Decent women in a small country...
should not be made to cry...
by indecent men in a much larger country.

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