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America's Hidden Cuban Truths

Assaulting Cuba AND Democracy!!
       The top Cuban-American journalist in Miami was Emilio Milian. He was also a decent and brave man. He voiced sharp criticism of Cuban-American extremists in Miami committing horrendous terrorist acts against totally innocent Cubans, all in the name of overthrowing Revolutionary Cuba. Emilio was then car-bombed in Miami.
      The top journalist-columnist at the Miami Herald was Jim DeFede. He was also a decent and brave man. He wrote a famous column poignantly expressing the opinion that "terrorism against innocent Cubans" was and is the same as terrorism against any other people or country.  In that column, still easily accessed online, Jim excoriated Miami Cuban-American members of the U. S. Congress -- namely Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and the Diaz-Balart brothers -- for their unconscionable support and protection of the most famed and most vicious Cuban-American terrorists freely residing in Miami's safe-haven. For his decency and bravery, Jim DeFede was fired.
        What happened to Emilio Milian and Jim DeFede sent the intended messages to the U. S. government and to the U. S. media: Democracy bedamned!! Cuban-American extremists -- not the majority of Cuban-Americans who are decent and brave citizens -- will dictate America's Cuban narrative in the media and America's Cuban policy in the Congress and in all Republican White Houses. Meanwhile, an unpatriotic generation of Americans, via silence and cowardice, has regretfully permitted a mere handful of Cuban-American extremists to dictate America's Cuban narrative and America's Cuban policies. With rare exceptions, unlike Emilio Milian and Jim DeFede, not enough members of Congress and not enough members of the U. S. media have the guts and integrity to challenge the Cuban-American extremists who have self-servingly defamed America and democracy in the eyes of the world.
For example:
     There is actually a Washington-based journalist who, amazingly, has the sheer guts and the basic integrity to write fairly about Cuban issues. Her name is Melanie Zanona. In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, Melanie therefore stands out as a beacon of hope for both the U. S. media and the American democracy.
  In recent articles for one of Washington's most influential political publications -- "The Hill" -- Melanie Zanona has written fair articles related to Cuba. And she actually goes to Cuba and talks to everyday Cubans about their lives, their dreams, and their hopes and expectations for the future. This week, heading into the second half of July-2017, Melanie Zanona's insightful article was/is entitled: "In Cuba, Trump's Policy Shift Casts Dark Shadow." Writing from Havana, she began with these exact words:
                      "All around Havana, local Cuban entrepreneurs refer to the day President Trump unveiled his new policy toward the country simply as 'June 16.' 
                      "It's easy to see why the date would be seared into their memories: Private businesses ranging from car companies to bed-and-breakfasts have already seen an alarming number of cancellations from American travelers since the White House announced it would be lifting Obama-orchestrated travel and commercial ties between the two countries. They fear the White House will have a devastating impact on their lives -- even though Trump's effort was billed as a way to help the Cuban people working in the growing private sector. Instead, Cuban entrepreneurs worry they will be hit hardest by the crackdown."
     For a high-profile Washington journalist to go to Cuba, do her diligent research, and then write such a truthful Cuban article proves this salient point: Melanie Zanona has more guts and more integrity than the multitude of biased, politically correct or scared U. S. journalists who wouldn't dare point out Cuban truths. Remember Mr. Milian and Mr. DeFede? Most U. S. journalists shamefully write about or report on Cuba precisely and only just as the most vicious counter-revolutionaries in Miami and in Congress insist that they do. For example, the Melanie Zanona article depicted above exposes perhaps the most important lie about Cuba, one that has grossly harmed two generations of totally innocent people on both sides of the Florida Straits. That lie -- which emanated in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood in 1959 and then, with the supreme help of the self-serving Bush dynasty -- invaded Congress and Republican administrations like a deadly cancer invades the human body. It has embedded and cemented this premise into the otherwise sacred preambles of the U. S. democracy: Anything we do against Cuba -- the unending embargo, not letting everyday Americans visit Cuba, military and terrorist attacks, cannon-fire against coastal fishing cabins, assassinations, etc. -- is to prevent the Cuban government from getting access to money BECAUSE EVERY PENNY GOES TO THE CASTROS. With the counter-revolutionaries in charge of the Cuban narrative and the Cuban laws in the U. S., there have not been enough American citizens with the guts, intelligence or patriotism to question such self-serving lies. Even in the rare instances when someone like Emilio Milian, Jim DeFede or Melanie Zanona tell truths about Cuba and the counter-revolutionaries, the post-World War Two generations of Americans tend to keep their heads buried deep in the sand. Meanwhile, billionaires sprout up in Miami like mushrooms while U. S. college students are burdened with $1.3 TRILLION dollars of student-debts and while many millions of Americans are fearful about having health care because BIG BANKS and BIG PHARMA lobbyists can easily buy-and-sell the politicians who do ONLY their bidding. And meanwhile, in Cuba in stark contrast to the Batista-Mafia pre-revolutionary brutality and thievery, every Cuban has free educations through college and every Cuban has totally free health care from birth till death. And this, please note, is despite the persistence of the lies that Melanie Zanona's brave report from Cuba this week exposed concerning who America's Batistiano policy really hurts -- IT HURTS EVERYDAY CUBANS!
        The still-ubiquitous memorial depicted above attests to some of the lies that Melanie Zanona exposed this week. When the civilian Cubana Flight 455 was blown into the ocean killing all 73 innocents on board, the battle-cry in the Miami media was, "It's the biggest blow yet against Castro." Of course, it was and remains a BIG BLOW against America and against democracy, just as Emilio Milian, Jim DeFede and other brave people have pointed out...and it has also been pointed out that, to this very day, the CIA-connected self-avowed counter-revolutionary terrorist most associated with SUCH BOMBINGS as Cubana Flight 455 is still an honored Miami citizen.
         In addition to Cuba, there are in 2017 many nations around the world who know all about the "Cubana Flight 455 Air Disaster." As indicated by the graphic above, countries like Guyana on each October 6th anniversary of the downing of Cubana Flight 455 hold ceremonies honoring the victims, two dozen of whom were teenage athletes, while those nations' "leaders call for justice." Even in this digital age with ultra-powerful Search Engines like Google, few Americans know about Cubana Flight 455 and few Americans care that the current vote in the United Nations condemning America's Cuban policy is 191-to-0. In a very diverse world, America's Cuban policy might be THE ONLY TOPIC that could garner such unanimity on an international scale, and yet a handful of counter-revolutionaries in Miami and in Congress can saddle the United States of America's extremely precious democracy with such a cancerous blight...decade after decade.
       This photo shows Cuba's superstar news anchor Christina Escobar and star reporter Sadiel Leon on the set of their spanking new and already very popular Canal Habana television enterprise. On Cuban soil and U. S. soil -- including at the White House and in talks at U. S. universities -- Cristina has, with stern conviction, poignantly made this statement: "Cuban journalists have more freedom to tell the truth about the U. S. than U. S. journalists have to tell the truth about Cuba." Cristina is not only a brilliant broadcast journalist, in Spanish or English, she is also considered one of the region's top experts on Cuban-U.S. relations. Her thesis at the University of Havana eerily predicted the effects U. S. President Obama would have on Cuba as well as the reactions to those effects in both countries. Her admirers include NBC's top foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell...and other Americans.
        And speaking of the U. S. media, study the above image. It shows the Voice of America reminding us that President Trump reached the six-month plateau of his administration this week -- on July 20th, 2017. He's depicted looking over his shoulder, as he should, at the U. S. media and at un-loyal forces within his Republican Party and even within his White House -- forces that have the desire and the firepower to maybe overthrow him later in his first term. Except for Fox News -- led by Sean Hannity -- and a strong array of conservative radio anchors -- led by Russ Limbaugh -- the mainstream U. S. media is engaged in an electronic and conspiratorial coup to end the Trump presidency PRONTO, although it might take a couple of years and then might evoke a Civil War-like resistance from his hardcore supporters, which comprise about 36% of Americans, easily enough in these divisive times to spawn something akin to a second American Revolution. The undisguised and ongoing media conspiracy against Trump consists of entire elements and efforts at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post unapologetically trying to destroy Trump -- with no attempts to hide their biased disdain even as they still pretend to be legitimate journalists instead of coup-mongering propagandists. It is easy for even non-political or disinterested viewers and readers to see that Mr. Trump is in dire trouble. That leaves many millions of Americans, like me, who don't support Trump but are deeply concerned about the mainstream media's total lack of respect for the Office of President and for the Electoral Process that put him in the White House, much to their chagrin. But waiting for the next election, not a coup, is the democratic way to oppose Trump. 
But guess what?
           The AP photo above  defines President Trump's problems and his impending termination even better than the aforementioned VOA photo does. This one was taken on April 16th at the Manuel Artime building in Miami's counter-revolutionary Little Havana neighborhood. Mr. Artime was a major architect and "hero" of the April-1961 Bay of Pigs attack on Revolutionary Cuba. It was where Trump very cowardly bellowed his plans to the choir, the counter-revolutionaries, to reverse former President Obama's peaceful overtures to Cuba. The man shown above congratulating Trump and patting his back is the U. S. Senator from Miami Marco Rubio, the most ambitious and the most dangerous of the counter-revolutionaries. Rubio, supported by the mainstream U. S. media and billions of right-wing dollars, still failed in his 2016 presidential bid when he viciously mocked Trump. Now pretending to support Trump and patting him on the back, Rubio in the coming months might stab Trump in the back to try to take control of the Republican Party prior to the 2020 presidential race. And perhaps someone should remind Trump that many of his top appointments -- including Vice President Pence and UN Ambassador Haley -- strongly supported Rubio and strongly mocked Trump during the 2016 presidentical campaign. Rubio's two very dangerous and self-aggrandizing goals seemingly are to become the President of the United States and the Dictator of Cuba. And -- considering America's money-crazed, lobby-administered, propagandized, volatile, and pundit-driven political atmosphere -- he might eventually attain those goals although the latter one, regarding Cuba, might be the hardest...minus a nuke attack.
And by the way:
      Tourists are beginning to discover that Playa Jibacoa is one of the most beautiful, most accessible and now one of the most increasingly popular beaches in Cuba.
  As shown by the red circle, Playa Jibacoa is just east of Havana.


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