As Long As Cuba Smiles

It Will Survive, Maybe Thrive!
       I try day-by-day to judge the rhythms of Cuba -- the gorgeous and pugnacious Caribbean island that has survived so many obstacles, namely a virtual unending menagerie of natural and man-made hurricanes. My most visceral and revealing test, I confess, is to monitor a brilliant and vivacious young Cuban woman named Rosy Amaro Perez. She has, for example, the most beguiling and awesomely beautiful smiles. And, I sincerely believe, as long as Rosy keeps smiling, Cuba will be OK.
     This photo this week shows Rosy Amaro Perez at work. She is a superbly talented and dedicated broadcast journalist -- highly trained and well-educated. The family-oriented Rosy is also fiercely dedicated to her husband, her beautiful look-alike daughter, and to her beloved island. As a high-profile journalist, and as a gregarious and social-minded young woman, Rosy is quite influential on the island -- especially with the all-important young-adult generation but also with older Cubans who deeply admire and respect her talent, her zest for life, and especially her love for Cuba.
        And so, this is the smile that tells me...day-by-day...about the rhythms and pulsations that define Cuba. As long as it exists...meaning that smile...I believe that Cuba can survive both its age-old problems and its topical ones as it navigates forward. Yes, it is vitally important that Rosy Amaro Perez keeps smiling. Left to its own devices and guided by its talented, well-educated and Cuba-loving young-adult generation, Cuba can be on the cusp of not only surviving but thriving. It has always had that potential and if Rosy keeps smiling I think it will be realized.
Rosy Amaro Perez and...that smile.

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