Trump Declares War on Cuba

Thanksgiving, Nov. 24th, 2016 
      President-elect Donald Trump has named Mauricio Claver-Carone  {photo courtesy of NBC News} to his transition team. While out-of-the-loop Americans are not supposed to realize it, that is equivalent to Mr. Trump -- beginning Jan. 20-2017 when he becomes America's Commander-in-Chief -- declaring war on the nearby Caribbean island of Cuba. But since the infamous Bay of Pigs military attack on Cuba in April of 1961, rogues in either the White House, the CIA or the U. S. Congress -- or a joint combination of all three -- have repeatedly declared war on Cuba, but never won, at least not yet. This time, Cuba could lose.  
       Mauricio Claver-Carone is the Poster Guy for the vast, lucrative and diabolical Castro Cottage Industry in the U. S. While revenge against the 1959 victory of the Cuban Revolution over the vile Batista-Mafia dictatorship is a mitigating factor, beyond doubt the economic and political rewards have always been and will remain the primary fuels that power America's Cuban engine, a policy -- although softened somewhat by the decency of the outgoing President Obama -- that is dictated by a handful of benefactors who could care less about democracy or about the international 191-to-zero denunciation of it. Like most of the major rulers of the Castro Cottage Industry, Claver-Carone is a product of the Bush dynasty. He was a lawyer-adviser to President George W. Bush till 2003 before branching out to become...a radio propagandist with his own national anti-Cuba show, his anti-Cuba "U.S.-Cuba Democracy Political Action Committee" {PAC}, his anti-Cuba blog "Capital Hill Cubans," etc. His PAC, according to El Nuevo Herald, plowed "$600,000" into making sure that Castro Cottage Industry stalwarts such as Miami's Marco Rubio and Carlos Curbelo continue as incumbents in the U. S. Congress. In all the world, nothing has demeaned and continues to demean the U. S. and democracy over an extended period as has America's Cuban policy, a policy that all of America's best friends deplore. Yet, because of sheer intimidation, apathy, and a lack of patriotism on the part of too many Americans, it persists decade after decade -- with maestros like Claver-Carone waving the batons and laughing all the way to their banks and their mansions while innocent Cubans suffer along with the reputations of both the United States and democracy.  
Mauricio Claver-Carone 
Trump's Cuban Commander-in-Chief 

    Not surprisingly, the El Nuevo Herald article heralding Mauricio Claver-Carone's appointment by President-elect Trump lavishly quoted perhaps the Bush dynasty's most notorious anti-Cuban zealot -- Otto Juan Reich. Reich is shown above with his fellow anti-Cuban zealot, President George W. Bush. Reich was born in 1945 in Havana. After hooking up with the Bush dynasty in the 1980s when George H. W. Bush was Vice President, Reich has had a very long and very lucrative anti-Cuba career that continues to this day, always riding the coattails of the self-serving Bush dynasty. You would not have to do much Googling to ascertain Reich's known and/or alleged ties to right-wing coups in Honduras, Haiti, Venezuela, etc. While much of his efforts most lucrative Cuban ventures in the U. S. have been clandestinely behind the scenes, some have been upfront -- especially after President George W. Bush appointed Reich {above photo} Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs. Cuba, not coincidentally, is in the Western Hemisphere. Many of the most notorious anti-Cuba pardons by Bush President #1, such as for the terrorist Orlando Bosch, remain chilling; and anti-Cuba appointments by President Bush #2 were so-called "recess" appointments that would have total power but then be with-drawn before they would have to get Senate approval -- key Bush recess appointments such as anti-Cuba zealots and benefactors like Reich, John Bolton, Roger Noriega, etc. Reich's recess appointment regarding Western Hemisphere Affairs alarmed political leaders throughout the Caribbean and Latin America -- even prior to the brief 2002 coup that overthrew Cuba's friend Hugo Chavez in Venezuela to spark wild White House celebrations, at least till Chavez was quickly returned to power. The shame of that coup has been covered up but till this day it alarms democratically elected Latin American governments. Of course, even after his "RECESS" appointment ended, Reich remains at age 71 an ultra-powerful and ultra-rich anti-Cuban operative. His El Nuevo Herald quote regarding Claver-Carone's appointment by Trump follows: "It's a clear signal...that the president-elect will carry out the promises he made to the Cuban-American community. In my opinion, not many other people know as much about Obama's mistakes on Cuba policy and how to change them, as Mauricio." That quotation by Otto Reich is probably correct, and that is precisely why it is so obscenely dangerous -- for 11 million innocent Cubans on the island but also for America and democracy.
Otto Reich was President George W. Bush's "Point Man."
       But, of course, Otto Reich obtained his original anti-Cuba power during the presidency of George H. W. Bush {above}, power merely passed along during subsequent Republican administrations such as George W. Bush and now, it seems, the upcoming Donald Trump miasma. Such obvious repetitions of blatant anti-American and anti-democracy disasters are allowed to perpetuate because there obviously are not enough brave, intelligent and patriotic Americans to rise-up and protect their country or their democracy
     The Executive Director of CubaNow is Ricardo "Ric" Herrero. Mr. Herrero understands that most Cuban-Americans, most Americans and most citizens of the world strongly desire a sane and decent Cuban policy, not one that benefits the economic, political and revenge motives of a few extremists while ignoring the best interests of decent Cubans and Americans. Regarding President-elect Trump's appointment of Claver-Carone, Mr. Herrero defines Claver-Carone as a prime benefactor "who has dedicated his long career as a lobbyist in our capital to dividing Cuban families and defending the interests of those politicians who have benefited from the failed embargo policy." No intelligent American can deny or challenge such a quotation, but for decades they have been schooled -- via intimidation and propaganda -- to ignore such truths.
       But as long as a few vicious anti-Cuban Cuban-Americans, backed by deplorable entities such as the Bush dynasty, can dictate America's Cuban policy via propaganda and intimidation, even such things as a decent two-term President like Obama and a resounding 191-to-0 UN vote will not be able to protect democracy from the vile and lucrative Castro Cottage Industry. President-elect Trump's appointment of Mauricio Claver-Carone reflects a continuation of America's and democracy's Cuban disaster, a situation that neither democracy itself nor a majority of Americans appear capable of ending or ameliorating.
        This photo shows presidential candidate Donald Trump making a few cowardly but off-hand promises in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood. Prior to this trip he had said Obama's Cuban policies were "fine." 
         Then on Oct. 25-2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump stood before a "Brigade 2506" poster -- which honors the CIA-backed unit that infamously attacked Cuba in April of 1961 -- and gutlessly promised the Little Havana crowd in Miami that he would reverse all of President Obama's positive overtures to Cuba. Trump shamefully lived up to that gutlessness yesterday with his appointment of Mauricio Claver-Carone. If Americans don't comprehend just how gutless and shameful that appointment is, it's probably a tip-off to how ignorant and unpatriotic too many Americans really are when their democracy is assaulted.
     Earlier this year Mr. Obama became the first sitting U. S. President to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge arrived on a warship in 1928. While on the island, President Obama treated the Cuban people with the decency and respect they deserve from a powerful neighbor. As you can see above, he told them: "Cuba does not need to fear a threat from the United States." He meant those decent, appropriate words. However, back home in the U. S. and especially in a Batistiano-tainted Congress, there apparently are not enough decent, courageous and democracy-loving Americans to support that decent and brave sentence shown above that President Obama said to the Cuban people. IF Americans sit back on their comfortable, scared asses and allow President-elect Trump to go forward with his appointment of Mauricio Claver-Carone, they will deserve the backlash that will result when a tiny but gritty nation fights back, a tiny and gritty nation that might lose but again will have at least the moral support of the rest of the world -- 191-to-zero.

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